Let it Snow

There must have been some magic in
That Old top hat they found.
For when they placed it on his head
He began to dance around.

Frosty the Snowman  –  Jimmy Durante 

Dressing up 2

The Liaison Collaborative rolls on people…are you rolling with it?  I was there yesterday ready to throw all my hard earned (pffft) lindens at ANC to get the RARE Christmas tree (and whooots…got it on the 3rd play!!) and had to elbow my way through the gacha area.  The place is popping with amazing creations…truly…every booth you pass has something you can’t live without!  For example…the Cavalry boots from Aphorism…yummmm…available in black, brown. tan, chestnut and  onyx.  I’ve been a fan of Aphorism for a couple years now and I promise…you just can’t go wrong ❤  The Soho dress is Haste….you can tell by the straps…looove the straps.  Soho comes in green, blue, brown, grey, mint, pink, purple, red and white…I went for white…purity and all that ya know (says that with a straight face and hopes no one chokes).  The adorable nook is from 22769…designers extraordinaire…another brand you can’t go wrong with.  The cozy nook has 15 single and 9 couples sits and comes with or without the snowy roof.  The cute sled piled high with logs is Pixel Mode…one of 5 adorable items in their set at TLC.  Then there’s the cardinals and birdhouses from Half-Deer….ohhhh mahhh gahhhhhh.  The birdies peck or hop around or fidget…like birdies do…they are perfect in every way…there’s even a static version if you want or need that but truly… the hoppy ones are tooo amazing and made me so happy just watching them ❤  Finally…and last is not least….the snowman…who doesn’t love a snowman!  NanTra’s Frosty is a gacha with 8 poses, 2 of which are rares, all complete with Frosty and his hat 🙂  So you see…amazing finds to be had at TLC…if you haven’t been…gooooo…you so don’t want to miss out!

In case you’re on another planet and haven’t heard or seen…there is a holiday version of Truth’s newest hair..Aspen…and its a subscriber gift…whoots!  If you’re already in the subscriber list…you got it….if not….run over to Truth and join to get it….we’ll all coordinate and wear it for a giant group shot!

TRUTH HAIR Aspen [Light Blonde] NEW subscriber Holiday Gift!

From TLC:
[Haste] Soho Strapped Dress White
!APHORISM! Cavalry Boots – Brown
{NanTra} Frosty 7 pose – RARE
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Cozy Outdoor Nook Bavaria with Snowtop
[PM]Pixel Mode – Sled with Logs
+Half-Deer+ Winter Birdhouse Lantern – Holly c/nt
+Half-Deer+ Winter Birdhouse Stand – Oak A
+Half-Deer+ Winter Birdhouse Lantern – Plaid c/nt
+Half-Deer+ Winter Birdhouse Stand – Birch C
+Half-Deer+ Northern Cardinal M – Static
+Half-Deer+ Northern Cardinal F – Static
+Half-Deer+ Northern Cardinal M – Curious
+Half-Deer+ Northern Cardinal M – Hop Skip
+Half-Deer+ Northern Cardinal F – Peckish
+Half-Deer+ Northern Cardinal M – Peckish


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