Waiting for Sin

I cheated myself,
Like I knew I would
I told you I was trouble,
Yeah, you know that I’m no good.

You know I’m no good – Amy Winehouse

Waiting for sin to find me

So I’m tp’d over to a sim yesterday….a sim I can’t miss according to Darth…who was doing the tp’ing.  I wound up in the Lost Town…a build by Jordy .B. Zipdash & Co. and is on the Square pegs in Round holes sim.  He was right (I really, really hate that)…it is a fantastic build.  A welcome card greets you with a delightful introduction (I won’t spoil it for you…you must go see for yourself) and a few rules…2 of which I broke…on purpose…cause cookies are yummy and I’ve always wanted to lick an alien.  Speaking of which….there are some suspicious goings on in the Lost Town and there may be an alien or two lurking.  To celebrate the new build there is a fun “postcard” pic competition…whooots…*gets out her aluminum hat to go take a pic with an alien*.

In news closer to home…the Season’s Story opens tomorrow…just another great event that is going to mark January as an epic shopping month.  Rucy Byron of Aphorism will have his new Winter coat available there…it’s so fabulous I was walking around naked in it for a good while yesterday….and actually considered taking the picture that way.  Darth said if Rucy wanted me to wear clothing under the coat…he would have sent clothing with it…it’s kind of hard to argue that train of thought. The coat is available in 3 patterns and 2 colors: Black, White, Aztec ‘Bird’, ‘Lizard’ and ‘Monkey’…all stunning.  I couldn’t find a thing to wear underneath (insert massive eyeroll here) so I felt the need to pop over to We ❤ Role-Play and shop.  I may have gotten a couple of glances walking around half naked…but ya know what…it is sooo much easier trying on demo’s without pesky clothing getting all tangled up!  Way too many lindens later…I put on one of my purchases…this gorgeous corset by Enfant Terrible…I just feel delectable walking around in it ❤

The road to nowhere

The other day I was sitting around with my sista Mae and we got on the subject of hair (one of our usual subjects) and specifically Analog Dog hair.  We’ve been fans for years and would sometimes show up somewhere in the same hair….luckily she usually wears darker hair…so it wasn’t too much of a faux pas.  Mae was saying she missed the bangs that went with the older hair…you could buy bangs separate and mix and match…genius on Queue Marlowe’s part.  And whatdya know….Queue made a new group of mix and match bangs!  They have color huds included and are only 40L a piece…so go nuts with bangs 🙂   Are you reading this Mae Mae!? AD’s newest hair is One Trick Pony…a super sexy pony that has detachable bangs and a flex attachment. Queue also has a new Facebook page and blog … click and enjoy ❤

waiting for sin closeup

Last but certainly not least, Tantalum has some yummy new jewelry available.  The Lost Souls necklace and the Maysie ring are beautiful and delicate (like me…cough cough) and can be dressed up or down.  Stop by the main store…it will amaze you how many gorgeous pieces of jewelry are available…and soooo necessary to your wardrobe!

AD – one trick pony – FITTED – light blondes NEW!!
AD – bang 1 – light blondes – NEW!!
!APHORISM! Winter Coat – White @ Seasons Story
~Tantalum~ Lost Souls Necklace.
~Tantalum~ Maysie Stone Ring Lt
.Enfant Terrible. Ems Corset S Chocolate @ We ❤ Role-Play
{Wicked} Peach Wonderland eyeshadow @ TLC
-Belleza – Mae TLC med 5 blonde skin @ TLC
Belleza – Venus mesh body, updated

Del May, front shot – Mhmm pose
Bauhaus Movement, back shot – Kadel pose
Del May, closeup – Miss Ornamental pose

Pictures taken at the Lost Town…more to come (and you can actually see the town in the next pics!)

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