More TLC – Literary-ly ♡

The Liaison Collaborative is still rockin and rollin with all things book-ish.  Literary-ly Inspired is the theme and librarian/bookish/smexy glasses are on tap!  You have till the end of the month to get there ❤

On a more interesting note…I took this picture with the Black Dragon viewer.  I’ve been having on and off difficulties with Firestorm the last couple months…most times everything’s okay…then I log in to see only parts of me…and no matter what I do it doesn’t get better…till another day that is.  I’d heard other people talking about the BD viewer, saying it was superior for photography, so I downloaded it a while back.  I have since been attempting to figure it out when time allows.  It is defiantly not as user friendly, but that may just be due to the fact that it is so unfamiliar… truly looks nothing like what I’m used to.  Anyway, the quality is amazing…almost like it’s always on ultra (hell, it may be … things to check), the choices of windlight are far diminished…my favorites aren’t on the much shorter list, and textures keep refreshing….which makes me nuts and I don’t know how to fix it.  I’m slowly finding my way around the newness and allll the interesting sliders and one day it’ll be old hat.  Buuuut….this was a one shot picture…and I didn’t edit a thing on it…hell, I just noticed that I didn’t even add my name to the bottom.  Straight from SL to “my pictures” to here.  Bammmm.  Not too shabby (of course, I will never remember all the settings I adjusted to get this) ❤

*TUKINOWAGUMA* Llobet (300L) (comes with a style hud!) @ The Liaison Collaborative
[Fetch] Biblio Glasses (150L) @ The Liaison Collaborative
:[Plastik]:- Penman Earrings [Detailed-Large] (259L) @ The Liaison Collaborative
The Forge – Sophia Top (175L) @ The Liaison Collaborative
an lar poses – The Bronte Series # 2 (150L for the set) @ The Liaison Collaborative
[Akeruka] Mesh Head Kumiko Vers. 2.6 Bento – NEW GROUP GIFT!
*LODE* Head Accessory – Dahlia Wreath [autumn yellow] (50L per play) @ Shiny Shabby

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2 thoughts on “More TLC – Literary-ly ♡

  1. The texture refreshing is called texture trashing and happens if the Viewer runs out of texture memory, you might want to increase Texture and Scene memory accordingly. Roughly 60-90% of what you set for texture memory should be set for scene memory, make sure your graphics card does have that much memory, you can check how much it has by opening the texture console (ctrl shift 3), it shows Total VRAM and how much of it is used by what.

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