All the pretty things

The Liaison Collaborative should be interesting this round when they open on the 3rd.  The theme this month is CyberLogic….so I’m expecting some cool robot-y/spacey/techie chit.  Cool thing #1 is the hair from No.Match called No.Industry.  The hairbase comes with the swept forward Mohawk style and you can choose to have just the shaved look or the design in the side.  The thing is….the only 2 colors for the shaved hairbase are black or white…I was going pastel, so I had only one choice that looked right in the unicorn color set….the one with the white at the base/roots.  All the others looked funny with the white hairbase.  Now thats not to say that you can’t wear the mohawk with your own shaved base…totally reasonable and possible necessary if you want a better match to the hair color roots. ❤

The cute cute cute skin is the newest from LAQ and made specifically for the Ivy head. You remember Ivy from this years Skin Fair?  She’s doll-like with big wide eyes and you just want to hug her!  The new skin applier, Belle, is spectacular AND now has pale pink eyes with large irises to go with her! ❤

Lastly, no pose to credit for this one…I was actually just standing around and caught this!  I picked up the pendulum from Besom that was out for FLF and when you wear it it has an animation.  Also, I was playing with the face/head mocap animations on the LAQ HUD and was seeing what pensive looked like and was delighted with the semi-serious hmmmmm? animation!  I always have the small smile on so it made for a nice combination in movement. ❤


NO.MATCH_NO_INDUSTRY Hair w/Hairbase coming to The Liaison Collaborative on Sept. 3rd at 3pm SLT
LAQ Bento head- Ivy 3.07
LAQ – Belle skin applier in 0.5, Belle shape and eye applier 08 NEW!
LAQ Bento – [HUD] 3.06 (pensive and smile1 mocap animation)
^^Swallow^^ Magic Pixie Ears
Maxi Gossamer – Necklace – Lucca Leather and Chain
Blueberry – Group Gift – Tank Tops – Maitreya
*Besom~ Crystal Pedulum *Rose Quartz* (comes with animation) from Fifty Linden Friday (might still be out for sale!)

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