How to spot a Copy Botter

Fair warning….there are lots of pictures involved in this post and it’s liable to cause some controversy … welcome to the new year!


So last night I’m minding my business with friends when Darth noticed I only had a few prim left on my land, alarming since I should have had almost 1,000.  A quick area search found an entire house 1,000 m’s up, fully furnished.  Pretty nervy on it’s own, but as we were walking around it and getting ready to return items one by one, Cinder noticed that when she edited a known Second Spaces item it said that the creator was the squatter, Nescolet Resident.  Upon further inspection, we found almost everything in the house was, in fact, other designers work, including Apple Fall, Sorgo, Lisp,  Vespertine, Pixelmode, The Loft, Dutchie, Second Spaces, Tres Blah, Secret Store, Standby, What Next, Little Hopper, Akeyo, Neurolab Inc., LP2, epia, Tasso Arts, Pink Acid, D Lab, Consignment, Ispachi, Blueberry, Pilot and Bazar…and those were the designers that we recognized right off. ALL listed Nescolet as the creator.  Can we say copy botter?  I went around taking pictures….Cinder and Darth started messaging creators.  Can you spot anyone else’s work that we missed?









Crazy right!?  As  we were tp’ing creators over to inspect and AR,  Miss Nescolet (AKA the botter) herself showed up…probably quite surprised to see her house crawling with people.  She quickly picked up the house before I banned her, then she went to the next parcel over and went about picking up the rest….sending me one im that said “Happy New Year”.  I noticed on her profile that she has an inworld store called Pixelwear, a lighting/sign store and a marketplace store.  Within minutes she had these links off of her profile, but we were able to find 2 Marketplace stores under pseudonyms that sell not only her signs, but her botted items.

Being Here (Pixelware) on Marketplace

botter stuffbotter stuff1


DoReMiranda (Pixelware) on Marketplace

botter stuff4

Who doesn’t recognize these {anc} Bokah curtains below?

botter ancbotter anc original

Several of the designers that were notified have said that Nescolet is a known botter and that her MP store has been taken down at least twice, hence the need for the pseudonyms.  I happened to zoom in on her and snap a pic when she was hurriedly picking up her things … that’s her in the top shot.  It will be interesting to see A) how fast her mp stores go clear and B) how long her avie stays active after all this.  What surprises me is that she proudly displays her sign sales to other stores on her Flick’r and that she has numerous shots of her botted items in pictures on her home album page of the same Flick’r.

Nescolet’s build was mostly linked and in a rezzer…so she obviously goes around looking for parcels that have open rezz and enough prims to support her…so be aware.  If you do see her and/or her botted shit, report report report.  I’d love to see her account wiped by the Lindens, and for that to happen….she has to be reported and DCMA’d.



39 thoughts on “How to spot a Copy Botter

  1. People who want to live the life on your dollar really tick me off. I got banned from a store *later unbanned* because when I was a noob, 100 years ago, I bought something I “thought” was from the creator, but ended up buying a copy botted item. After note upon note to the creator, she finally unbanned me from my favorite store. So, I go TO the store to buy or if I’m on MP, I make sure it’s the creator’s name. Thank you for bring this out in the open. She needs to get her butt booted. I looked and couldn’t find any other creators than already mentioned in your blog and the others who weighed in.

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    1. Thanks so much! I find it hard to believe that she hasn’t been booted as I’ve heard she’s been at it awhile. Perhaps if the right Lindens get bombarded with complaints they will take action.


    1. I’ve always considered leaving it open rezz as an adventure….just to see what some people will leave. Most are very considerate and I never know they were there, but others are just amazingly ballsy …that’s when I take pleasure in sending their shit back one by one 🙂


  2. Reblogged this on Magick Thoughts of Second Life and commented:
    WOW! Can you spot any other designers work in this that they missed? One thing that makes me angry is people like this who copy bot. Creators work very hard and should be paid for their work. Copy Botters are SCUM!!!!!

    ~~~ much love,


  3. This is unnerving, not only is she copybotting stuff, but she also even the stuff she copybots, wtf is wrong with her!!!! UGH! Making money off of other people’s work. Definitely reporting her!


  4. this is alarming that someone would rip off so many creators and try to gain money from the hard wor sweat and tears that these people have dedicated to their products…blueberry for one i knoww takes time with her items as they are beutifully crafted and loved by myself…i will be keeping the communitty aware about this joker.


  5. Thank you for this great blog post! Abuse reports will not help anything. And DMCAs will just let her account alive as long as she takes the affected items down in a week from marketplace and inworldSHOPS! I seriously wonder why they dont care more. MAC ban IP ban, sue them all over. So much works goes into all the wonderfull items and some silly lifeless idiots steal them and even sell them. This is not FUN this is a CRIMINAL ACT. [I would be more than happy if they would delete her account… But I experienced that myself…. And that shop is STILL on markeptlace just without my items only using my logos and names]


    1. That is disgusting to hear. I would have thought LL would take this kind of thing way more seriously than than they seem to do. It’s theft it is illegal it has no place in world and it makes you bloody mad that people like this are not an example of. I hope whoever it is stops using your brand but it seems not likely to happen.


  6. This is so bad Im not a designer but I hate to see this happen. I once saw a build that looked just like one of
    Abiss; and I knew it was not so I did contact the creator of Abiss and it turned out that yes indeed it was copy bot
    It really makes me so angry, I know how much work you designers put into your work and it just makes me so
    angry. So how is it that people complain and these morons are still around still in the mp? So sad Thank you for
    this post . I will share it on my fb . Willow


  7. I’ve begun to warn as many people as I can in world about this crap. It is utterly disgraceful and it by sheer chance I got your article through a friend on FB posting it on my time line. I hope this bitch and others like her pardon my language gets caught. And DCMA’d and banned from SL. Thieving scumbags is what they are.


  8. Wowi had no idea she was a botter i’ve had custom signs made by her,the only marketplace store i seen was the one with her signs on it,i’ll be reporting her. Thank you xxxx


    1. i removed the post. i think it needs more proof, and there seems to be conflicting information.
      the only reason i reposted it was a favor for a friend, and also because i trusted the info for fact because of how much ‘proof” was supplied.. however, i have come to find out that much of the info is false or outdated.
      I am not accusing anyone of anything, I am just suggesting to first confirm facts, and second, get the permission of others to use their info.
      I was silly, I assumed you had their permission.


      1. And as an added note, I kindly im’d you inworld with the same question of who you were referring to in your comment. You very politely refused to say, or to back up any of your accusations about false or outdated info, referring to that fact that you do not want to be involved or add any drama to your SL life. Perfectly understandable. When I messaged you I was attempting to find out what false and/or outdated info you spoke of and who’s permission I didn’t get. I’m a big girl and when I make mistakes, I own them. Hard to do when your accuser is not forthcoming with any of the pertinent information. You are correct, you are silly…the fact that you make an accusation and are not willing to back it up speaks volumes.

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      2. Actually, what I said was. I gave my reason. And for me, this issue is over. I did not want to be a part of this. Nor did I want messages from you, or your friends trying to bait me into a full on fight. That was it. In the end, -you- refused to stop, which ended in -you- being muted.
        I was polite, yes.. as you say. -You- however, were not. -You- accused me of god only knows what.
        And, fyi, I never once “accused” you of anything. All I said, was that I wanted to remove the repost from my blog because, I do not have all the information.
        And as for the person with the DMCA stuff, it’s in her profile.. not hard to put two and two together.
        I should not have to do that research for you, if I was able to do it.
        I asked you to remove the comment/link back all together, and you ignored me.. so, I muted you.
        Problem solved.
        I did however stick up for you but, after this and the messages in second life, I regret doing so.
        I thought you were a better person than you turned out to be.
        And hopefully, others will catch on before they are disappointed as well.


      3. several things…1. This may possibly be the 4th time you have mentioned that the issue is over and you do not want to be part of anything.
        2. My message was polite, if you didn’t want a response, you should not have started the conversation by posting unclear information on someone elses blog for all to see.
        3. you seem to be the one having a problem stopping…I am just replying.
        4. I have never accused you of anything, I simply asked to what info you were referring to, when you refused to offer any info, I said you were doing the same thing you were accusing me of….not backing up info.
        5. (copied from your 1st comment) “I am just suggesting to first confirm facts, and second, get the permission of others to use their info. I was silly, I assumed you had their permission.” Not accusatory at alllll.
        6. (copied for your comment just previously) “And as for the person with the DMCA stuff, it’s in her profile.. not hard to put two and two together.” The DCMA stuff you refer to is, I assume, from the comment that was left by someone in regards to the post. The only comment I made about a DCMA was the very last line of my post that said she should be DCMA’d. I am wondering how I should have been able to add that 2 and 2 together when the comment was made a week after my post. If I was psychic, I’d be getting kicked out of a Las Vegas casino right about now.
        7. You have NEVER asked me to remove the comment/link back all together, nor have I ignored you.
        8. Thank you for sticking up for me, I’m not sure how you did that…as saying I’m a awesome blogger is more of a compliment…and thank you for that. Our conversation inworld consisted of 11 minutes, with 3 comments from myself and 4 from you…I’m happy to post my comments, I will leave yours out as I am sure you do not wish to have them for all to see. Please do feel free to post our conversation in it’s entirety if you like, I wholeheartedly give my permission.

        [13:32] Roxi Firanelli: Hi Morgana, I’m im’ing you just in case my message doesn’t get to you. I read your comment on my blog and I was wondering who’s permission you are speaking of when you day you assumed I had their permission.

        [13:36] Roxi Firanelli: I’m so not a drama queen, I’d just like to correct anything I need to and I was just unclear whom you were speaking of

        [13:40] Roxi Firanelli: well thank you for the clarification. You have just done what you have accused me of…well done. Thats also good eough for me, thank you

        8. I regret that I do not stand up to your lofty preconceived opinions on what makes someone a better person, I will have to live with that and attempt to cope. Truly, you do not know me well enough to make that determination anyway and as I do not go around disseminating drama or making false accusations out of hand, I feel confident that “others” will not jump to conclusions and be disappointed in me.

        I know you did not ask for any clarification of your post, but since it is there for all to see and you did say some unkind things I did feel the need to reply.

        Thank you for helping me solve the problem.


  9. Just so everyone is clear on this..this person is a known copy botter. Im giving another example for those that are following this and trying to deny that she is. this is a second spaces item from the arcade. There is a lot more pictures we took that day…but those went to the creators for their use for DCMA’s and I won’t be sharing those.


  10. I found out that their alt is frezioko Resident, after they posted one of our items to Kitely under nescolet and under frezioko on the SL MP.
    Nescolet on the SL MP had another item of ours as well.
    Also some other connections:
    Look who’s doing customer support on the Frezioko’s Pixelware store

    There were more but they seem to be gone now
    They are indeed a copybotter, have both LL’s reply and Kitely’s reply:


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