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Okay….so you feel cheated cause there’s not a whole lot here.  I added this page a while back and I’m still getting it together….gimme a break.  I plan for this to be a listing of regular and ephemeral (look it up) events along with perhaps a short description and landmark/link.  So really, gonna take a little bit of time.  I’ll get it started and add on as I go though.  And by the way, I TOTALLY stole this idea from Sorchieeeeeee <3, she has a quick list as a sticky on the top of her blog…isn’t she smart!!??  Soooo…alphabetical, popularity, size, genre, my favorites….decisions decisions.  I’ll start with what I know and then decide from there ♥ ♥ ♥

EVENT:                                          OPENS ON:                                         GENRE:                                 WEBSITE:

We Love Role-Play                     4th, monthly                                       All things fantasy                     website

The Secret Affair                         15th, every other month                 fantasy, themed                        website

Enchantment                              14th, quarterly                                  fantasy, fairytale themed        website

The Fantasy Collective              22nd, monthly                                   fantasy, themed                        website

Fantasy Gacha Carnival            12th, every other month                fantasy,themed,gacha             website

The Liaison Collaborative       7th,monthly                                       general,themed                    website

Wayward Events                         been quiet the last year, I think it’s a goner 😦

Collabor88                                    8th, monthly                                  general

FaMESHed                                   1st, monthly                                    general

The Arcade                                   1st, quarterly                                 gacha, general

Chapter 4                                      4th monthly                                   general

Shiny Shabby                               20th, monthly                                general

Seasons Story                             10th, Quarterly                               general, seasonally themed

The Epiphany                              13th, quarterly                              general/fantasy/gacha

Uber                                              25th, monthly                               general, themed

The Gacha Garden                    1st, bi-yearly                                   fantasy, whimsical, gacha

Lost & Found                             22nd, monthly                                 general, 2 weeks only

N21                                              21st, monthly                                   general

The Men’s Dept.                       5th, monthly                                     guy stuff

Men Only Monthly                  20th, monthly                                  guy stuff

Whimsical                                18th, quarterly                                 fantasy/whimsical/gachas

Kustom9                                  15th, monthly                                    general

Hairology                                 10th, monthly                                   hair

6 Republic                               6th, bi-yearly                                    general/ themed

Tres Chic                                  17th, monthly                                  general

Loves to Decorate                  12th, Monthly                                  Home & Garden/Decorating

Cosmopolitan                          bi-weekly                                         general

Romp                                       12th, quarterly (?)                           sexy/kinky

The Crossroads                     3rd, monthly                                     general

On9                                          9th, monthly                                     themed

SaNaRae                                 26th, monthly                                   general