Wings…..wiiiiings….I want them alllll.  Kind of a wing ho, I can’t resist ’em.  I was happily shopping at a yard sale this morning, perusing the Arcade finds, when I saw these rare Blueberry wings at the incredibly fair price of 400L.  The delicate wings were the first things I knew I wanted when Blue started… Read More Iconic


The portal to Fantasy Faire 2016 has opened and it’s time to explore and immerse oneself in enchantment.  Put on your best fantasy wear or interesting avie and swoosh over to the Fairelands for entertainment, shopping and first class “people” watching.  Yesterday I explored Dangarnon, DRD’s build that reminds me of something out of a… Read More Dangarnon


We Love Role-Play opened today and the place is packed!  Another favorite…..this gorgeously seductive flower “outfit”…how does Zib come up with these things!?  There’s a hud to control the main and accent flowers, I chose cream and pink, respectively.  The long, straight hair from Tableau Vivant is also at the event….stunning and unisex…win win…as is… Read More Blanchefleur