Also, here’s stuff I wear (my closet) ♥ ♥

Okay, So I feel the need to throw some pictures up here because 1) I change clothes in SL every damn day to go out and about….and it’s not always the stuff that I just blogged about … 2) I’ve gotten into the habit of perusing the weekend sales and picking up some fabulous finds, so my closet (inventory) is bursting and 3) I am losing my memory faster than my used to be tight skin and I’m tired of trying to remember what I bought. ❤

I feel like if I wear the goodies, maybe right after I open them, and snap a shot I can look through here to “go through my closet” in the future.  It may be a great thing…it may be too much work (I’m pretty lazy)…I dunno….we’ll see!  Thing is, I’m just snapping (no high-end stuff), cropping (NO editing), and listing (pffft, I’m really not even listing, I got that “quick credits” thing from Fourth Wall a few weeks ago (at a weekend sale) and it does the list for me!  I’m foggy about the format, so expect weirdness till I find the sweet spot! ❤

Any of these pics can be blown up in size by just clicking on them….screw trying to squint to see the info…and yeah, I go barefoot….a lot! ❤

Just a note for myself (cause ya know…memory’s shit): crop to 1350 X 1876, save on jpeg medium, choose medium in wordpress.