About Me ♥

So….about me……. hmmmmm

  • I started SL in September of 2008…so I’m old, not as old as some, but old nontheless.
  • My learning curve is still catching up with me; I pick up new tricks, tips and info every day that I log in
  • I log in almost everyday; barring a family emergency, feeling yucky, weather maelstroms or the Internet being a dick-wad.
  • I find humor in nearly everything in SL, this includes peeps who take their SL too seriously (unless of course you make your RL living from here…then it’s probably a good idea to take that seriously).  I’m also sarcastic, but not intentionally so as to hurt people, it’s just my weird sense of humor.
  • I started blogging in July of 2013.  I read a lot of blogs (still do) and kept saying “I could do this”.  My friends called me on it.  I truly thought I would do 3…maybe 4 posts and decide I didn’t like it….or felt pressured to post constantly…but guess what…I love it and have yet to feel pressured…know why?  Read on…
  • I love making posts…everything about them.  Getting ideas for shots, setting up shots, finding the right pose and windlight, getting the money shot (silly term as there is no money involved), editing till I’m happy with it, writing the actual post and hitting the publish button. Last, but most certainly not least, getting the picture in Flick’r.  The entire process takes anywhere from a couple of hours to 5-ish…depending on if something is giving me problems.  Sometimes I get all the way to the writing part and I am just not feeling the picture…and I will scrub it and start over.  Why spend so much time?   Did I mention I love it?  It’s obviously not the money (cause ya know…NONE).  It’s not that designers and events pass me stuff (that’s a plus, don’t get me wrong, but I spend just as much if not more buying other stuff to go with the shot usually).  It’s not the fame or glory (again…none).  It’s just because I really, really enjoy it and the people I get to work with ❤
  • I love the designers I work with…truly…the nicest bunch of people you’d ever want to be associated with.  I hear horror stories about some blogger managers and designers and I am so grateful to have never been any part of an uncomfortable situation.
  • I love the events I work for.  I’m lucky to be associated with some amazing events that are owned/run/managed by equally amazing people.  Every event is an adventure and I do my best to showcase them to the best of my ability.
  • I have amazing friends here in SL, many of whom are now RL friends.  I had tragedy strike my family last year and these people just rallied around me (still do actually) and reminded me to live.  The love is returned tenfold ♥
  • I’m a nester.  I wasn’t 6 months into SL and I had to get a piece of land and put down roots.  I started small, a nice 2048 plot on Mainland.  I can still feel the excitement of putting down that obnoxious giant banana tree and the corner waterfall …. and then going house hunting… or castle shopping as the case was (shut up….everybody had a castle back then).  I’ve grown in size, moved to an awesome spot on the ocean and now spill over onto the adjoining region.  I have 4 houses scattered throughout and love love love every one of them, along with their contents and surroundings.  I love weird chairs and interesting nooks and crannies in landscaping that you just didn’t see coming.  I love water….by the time I came to my senses, I had at least 25 waterfalls, lakes, swamps, rivers and cascades covering my land…and that’s not counting the ocean I live on.  I’m scaled back now, but there’s always water running or pooling somewhere around every corner.
  • I am a public high school teacher in my 1st life, this is where I get my sarcasm and sense of humor from.  Public because they need me, high school because frankly, I’d probably make elementary kids cry and middle school kids scare me.  I’m compiling anecdotes and writing a book tentatively titled “Yes, there ARE stupid questions”.  I was going to call it “Stupidest Shit I Ever Heard”, but that seems a bit harsh.  Not to worry though, I’ll be changing the names of all involved, so Tony…errrr….Jony…will never know I’m talking about him when I share the T-Rex story.
  • I am flawed, forgetful, sometimes selfish and rarely forgive a slight or a perceived unfairness, but I am also possessive, protective and loyal to my friends, responsible and dependable most of the time (see the forgetful part) and a good person.  There are a few who would not agree….and honestly…one of them is just bat shit drama queen crazy pants…so I don’t lose any sleep.
  • I am from New Orleans and lived through Katrina, so I’m tough, resilient and adaptable…and I freaking hate humidity (less wrinkles though than drier climates, so I’ll take it).

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