Dear Santa

S-CLUB CHARLOTTE HAIRLeLUTKA – EvoX AVALON 3.1Belleza – Kira skin in sunkissed tone, out now for Fifty Linden Friday[Since1975] Snow Woman – Jumpsuit and boots @ Tannenbaum till Dec. 23rdalme. Decor – Syl Cushion [R] @ Tannenbaum DISORDERLY. / Standing Stars @ Tannenbaum Sari-Sari – My Christmas Wishlist (list, marker, stool and 3 poses) @… Read More Dear Santa

The Vacation

Let’s see…things that are going on around out world….. The Liaison Collaborative is packing the shoppers in…everyone must want to go on vacation.  Bon Voyage is the theme and the designers have not disappointed with all the travel related goodies.  One of the favorites is the adorable scooter from Kalopsia…it comes with a parkable version and… Read More The Vacation

The Mailman

Blanket warning…..I’m a huge fan of Christmas music…huge.  So without further adieu, here’s some Dean Martin  ❤ When I saw these snow mailmen from Sari-Sari for this weekends Neighborhood…I just melted…no pun intended.  I have a soft spot for snowmen.  My mom collected them, so whenever I would see an interesting one I would buy… Read More The Mailman