Afternoons on the Bayou

Afternoons on the Bayou

My girlfriend Jamie lives on a bayou down in BF Nowhere, Louisiana. A real bayou (pronounced buy-ya) not like the one I have in SL. Hers has mosquitos the size of small cats, mine…not so much. While my bayou/swamp is nice, hers is the real deal, so when she saw the Flick’r pic of mine (check it out, its right under this post), she was quick to point out inaccuracies…the most glaring being the Coral snake in the foreground. Way too colorful and not common in the swamps. Should have been a Cottonmouth, which are muddy looking and blend in with the murky water…making them cleverly disguised. I was also told I should have an egret hanging around in the picture. Nag, nag, nag. Picky biatch. So I tell her to get me a good picture and I’ll put it in my Flick’r (thought that’d shut her up but damn if she didn’t have some in her phone). Several transfers later, I have a picture of Jamie’s bayou…literally….this is taken from her boat dock in her backyard. She has all manner of creatures in her yard at any given time, and she happened to be sitting outside when this egret plopped down in the water nearby. By the way…can you spot the Cottonmouth? What a life huh….sitting on the dock with a beer and a camera 🙂

I took this right after the Saint’s game against the Cardinals….31-7…wooo hooo….3 and 0. It is now official….my Brees tank that Reef made me is good luck and will be worn on every game day, as will my studded shorts from Monso….ya never mess with a lucky charm 🙂 Oh…and D!va hair…gotta wear that too!

What I’m wearing:
Saints tank top made for me by Reef Jewell (AKA Box Guy)
[Monso] My Studded Shorts
D!va Giz hair, Moonstone (Arcade rare!)
.Pekka. metallic under eyeliner, Black
Glam Affair Cleo Jamaica lipstick # 17

Pose from Kuro in Motion – Only Words

Chit I always wear:
Glam Affair – Cleo Jamaica 10
Redgrave body shape – Vivian (modified)
Slink mesh hands, elegant
Slink mesh feet, medium height
Redgrave eyes – tealgreen
Redgrave eyelashes #39 luscious

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