Save an Elephant

I got a group notice from Eliza Wierwight….. owner, designer and amazing artist of Patron the other day about a cause that is dear to her heart.  She has set on a mission to sponsor all 35 rescued Asian elephants of the Elephant Nature Park in Chang Mai.  It is a beautiful thing that she endeavors, and as such, she has created this fabulous Save the Elephant topiary and put it on sale in her store for L499….with 100% of the proceeds going to the foundation.



Isn’t it fabulous!  If you’ve ever been to Patron, you know that Eliza is a genius and this is a true work of art.  I have lusted after her Patron house for over a year now and just as I was preparing to break down…I get this notice and have decided to sponsor an elephant instead.  I’ve no doubt Eliza will be good with that 🙂  Stop by her store and pick up a topiary for yourself and some for friends….help sponsor an elephant today 🙂


What I’m wearing:

Pure Poison – Red Leather Tina dress – from my Black Friday shopping spreeeeeeeee

Cute Poison – Multi-cross necklace……love love love

!lamb – Bernice hair… love love

Chit I always wear:
Glam Affair – Cleo Jamaica 10
Glam Affair Cleo Jamaica lipstick # 17
Redgrave body shape – Vivian (modified)
Slink mesh hands, elegant
Slink mesh feet, medium height
Redgrave eyes – tealgreen
Kotetka eyelashes v.20



4 thoughts on “Save an Elephant

  1. You’re wonderful and I am more than good with Elephant sponsorship over buying my house, I endorse it totally. You did something truly selfless and I won’t do more than allude to the personal information you shared with me in this matter, it did however touch me deeply, so my thanks for your own personal legacy.


  2. They are beautiful creatures. I managed to get up close and personal with one in Thailand, while walking along a road on the outskirts of the town. This guy was just walking towards me on the same side, calm as you like, taking this elephant for a walk. I was mesmerised. He stopped and let me pet it…or rather, let it pet me. Was so cool though…that something the size of a house could be so gentle. We’ll be along to help 🙂


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