Sing me a song

I’m normally a barefoot girl….Slink bare feet that is…and usually medium or high feet at that.  Yep, I just tip toe around barefoot everywhere.  I guess its noticeable cause I get comments on it a lot.  Chicks wonder why I’m not wearing the latest fabulous shoe or boot (I do, believe me, just not all the time), guys think its hot mostly (amazing how it attracts feet guys).  Thing is, I’m barefoot as much as possible in rl too, but the shoes and boots I have are awesome.  Not that I intentionally look for the attention, but when I do wear shoes, they get noticed since It’s uncommon.  My friend Marky notices right away and always makes a comment.  Marky’s a live performer so when he makes a comment, people listen…..then people stare (bunches of crosshairs like I’m at a sniper convention).  So my shoes always attract a lot of attention…things I should bring up with shoe designers :))  Anyway, schools out and it’s officially summer…which means sandals…which mean flat feet.  If I’m going to wear shoes, they have to be awesome…like these new  summer sandals from Fabuleux…looove them!  Cute little dangly charms hanging off give them a fun carefree feel.  I didn’t want to change out of my tunic from Aphorism yet and to my surprise, these sandals matched…score!  



Also new from Fabuleux is the group gift…a pac man bracelet!!  You know you love pac man…and doesn’t it scream summer!?  Moonie was still in her tunic (mines an uncommon, *sticks her tongue out at Moonie*) and we were still wearing our Nia Moon jewelry from Sax Shepherd…pac man just blends in doesn’t he (shut up).  We did change our hair (duh, we’re girls) to some CatWa hair, I had been to the store earlier today and we were debating favorites.  CatWa’s one of those hairs that you mention in a room full of chicks, and everyone has at least 3 or 4 (I may or may not have upwards of 15) and they all have favorites.   Moonie has on one of my all time fav’s, Sama…always sexy…in fact, Moonie almost always has Sama on.  I had just bought the new Elsa…cute cute cute…and works perfect with the Nia Moon tiara!  I love that designers that I’ve loved for years are still going strong and still as good if not better in the mesh world.


For our poses, Moonie is using the pose that goes with the “Sing me a song” book from Tumble Twig (FGC) and I’m using the “Biding time” pose from Double Take (should be called lazy ass biatch…but hey…nobody asks me)

!APHORISM!- Chainmail Tunic – Rust – Uncommon – Fantasy Gacha Carnival
!APHORISM!- Leather Tunic – Green (Moonie) – FGC
^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Elsa
^;^CaTwA^;^ Sama
! !SSD ~ Nia Moon ~ Necklace – FGC
! !SSD ~ Nia Moon ~ Tiara – FGC
! !SSD ~ Nia Moon ~ Earrings – FGC
::Fabuleux:: Pacman Bracelet GROUP GIFT
::Fabuleux:: Summer Sandals Grey 1

Shit I always wear (well, mostly lately)
-Belleza – Rose skin (pretty AND my moms name :))
KoKoLoReS soft silk lipstick in Raspberry
KoKetka eyelashes v.20
Redgrave “Vivian” shape – modified
Redgrave eyes “Vivian” – teal green
Slink mesh hands – elegant
Slink AvEnhance Feet High


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