Bucking Bronco’s

bucking broncos 2

I am admittedly not a gacha addict, but lucky for me, my bestie Darth is (I am an enabler).  As soon as I saw the IceBee’s from { ANC } that Darth had set up on his sim for a shoot I knew I had to have them…or borrow them…..and use them in a picture.  What I did actually was photobomb Darth’s scene…it was too good to pass up.  It looked like he spent forever getting the giant sunflowers  and icebee’s just so…..he made a gigantic field on his sim….amazing.  So I’m standing around chatting with Cinder while he’s toiling away and I’m thinking the bees all look like wild horses running free …. and I start going through my inventory for a horse riding pose.  I didn’t want to disturb Darth you understand, so I got up at a decent time the next morning, rezzed my F*cking Ninjas pose, dragged it up to the icebee with the best angle and took a picture before he knew what I was doing.  Then another just to be sure.  2 pictures…bam.  Makes Darth craaaazy when I do that.  But sometimes it just works out that way.  He popped in just as I was putting my pose ball back into my inventory and proceeded to do his shot.  Or more correctly, his 157 shots.  He’s a perfectionist to the extreme.  I stood around shouting encouragement and looking innocent.

It worked out well (good karma) that I had this awesome helmet and boots from the Co-Op…..they’re from .ginchi.  The theme is Sci-Fi this round and the set is fabulously futuristic.  Perfect for riding wild icebee’s through a field of genetically gigantic sunflowers.

And while on the subject…the icebee subject that is…aki of {anc} needs to share whatever good drugs are involved with spurring that imagination on.  Cause dayam…ice cream cone bees….with big ass stingers….the stuff Freud would have a field day with.  Darth was more eloquent in his description: “I have always been amazed at the creativeness of aki69, he has such a unique and powerful way of showing us a little bit of his world”.  Truer words were never spoken, aki IS a genius and I can’t live without the creations at {anc}.  And I soooo text bombed (or stole…or plagiarized) the first line in Darth’s blog and Flick’r description and tweaked it to work for me.  You can see his post here in It’s a Mans World, and his Flick’r here 🙂

.ginchi Crash Helmet and boots @ the Co-Op
*COCO* Doll, female
{anc} icebee @ OMGacha
Deco Sunflowers
F*cking Ninjas’ “Into Battle” pose


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