Mrs. White, in the study, with a feather duster

Mrs. White, in the study, with a feather duster

“Last time he tells me I didn’t get all the dust off his chit”  No doubt everybody gets the reference.  Who hasn’t ever played Clue …wanted to be Miss Scarlett…wanted to be Miss Scarlett in the library with Professor Plum (ya know what they say about those quiet types).  Mmhmm…you know.  Boudoir made this fabulous crime scene investigation set for The Month of Games….you know this is exactly how Mr. Boddy is discovered and then….well then the game is afoot.  The set is complete with the desk, chair and errr….well…Mr. Boddy.  (That’s right!!  I didn’t have to ask Darth to come be a dead body for me :))  Perfect for staging a murder mystery at your place.  The Month of Games is open till the end of the month, go check out what other fun finds you can dig up!

So it’s 9am SLT as I write this…3 hours till the Secret Affair opens its gates.  This dress is from Pixicat….one of my new favorite designers of drop dead sexy chit.  For you purists out there, I know, I know….Mrs. White is the cook, not the maid.  Why did I think she was the maid?  I had finished the picture when Jarath informed me it should have been a frying pan instead of the feather duster.  My back story goes like this…Mr. Boddy was on leaner times lately, he lives in Cali ya know…housings pretty pricey there….and he couldn’t afford both a maid AND a cook…so Mrs. White had to do double duty (triple if you count the things I can’t mention here).  Skilled though she may be…cooking and cleaning isn’t in her repertoire and she wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a plain uniform…nooooooo…she’s be decked out in a body hugging dress that would tempt the best of em…and the worst of them.  Sashay over to The Secret Affair in a couple of hours and be tempted.  Peruse the goodies on their Flick’r and website to start making a shopping list.

And Mr. Boddy’s awesome fedora?  You know you want one….perfect for any crime scene, whether planning one or solving one.  Made by [free bird] and available now at Serafilms for their Sequel themed event….The Godfather II.

Want a front view? (can’t help it…I really like a backside view sometimes) Look at the detail on that dress!!  And you can see the awesome lace collar by On a Lark (OAL) 🙂

Mrs. White from the front

F*cking Ninjas Diva pose in back pic                                                                              

 //Elephante Poses// Dusk and Summer #3 pose in front pic

The Secret Affair: (lm to come in 1 1/2 hours!)
Pixicat royal dress
*OAL* Sidney’s Gem Lace collar and cuffs
little bones Baptism Hair                                                                                                          [theSkinnery] Masquerade Black ink makeup # 3

Month of Games:
Boudoir Crime Scene Investigation set

[free bird] White Felt Fedora – The Caprice Rare

SeVered GarDeN Maidy feather duster

Glam Affair Livy skin India 11
Slink hands – elegant


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