The Main Course

The Main Course

The Fantasy Gacha Carnival is right around the corner…Aug. 8th.  Kei Spot will have a sushi set that is not to be passed up.  I’m laying on the sushi table, which is a rare, but there is an ultra-rare table that has laying animations on the table and people can eat sushi off of you…how cool is that!  I always look forward to whatever Kei creates…its sure to make me smile 🙂

Val from the back

The hot dress I’m wearing is from Masoom…called I heart you….and is an exclusive item currently at The Aloha Fair right now for 225L.  I believe it falls into the “holy crap that’s sexy!” category.  The Moon necklace is from Tantalum and finishes off the dress nicely…beautiful! 

Val close up

And then there’s the hair.  It took a lot for me to take my curly afro off…(ohhh how I love that hair!) but this new hair from Analog Dog had me begging to change.  It’s as beautiful from the back as it is from the front…no bad angles at all…..and just so sexy and classy.  I do try to be classy every now and again.  While laying on a sushi table. In a next to nothing dress.  Yeah that’s me…one classy ass biatch.  🙂

From the Fantasy Gacha Carnival (opening Aug. 8th)
Kei’s Sushi Table with Nyotaimori 
Kei’s Love Forever Screen with Cuddles 
Kei’s Dream Vase

AD – val – light blondes NEW
[[Masoom]] I heart you dress @ The Aloha Fair
~Tantalum~ Vintage Moon Necklace and earrings
Belleza– Rose skin
Kosh wet lips – blood
Koketka eyelashes v.20
#adored – sleepy shadows jeans

Dyer Maker bikini pose # 6 (standing), #11 (laying) @ Suicide Dollz

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