Here birdy birdy

Here birdy birdy

Fat cats…who doesn’t love fat cats….other than birds and lizards I guess.  And my dad….he never liked cats…would never let me have one…and believe me, I begged.  When I was a kid a wild cat started hanging around, he wouldn’t come near any of us but he was always lurking.  I saw him one day with a feather by his mouth and I was horrified….it hadn’t occurred to me that he was THAT wild.  Deciding I needed to save all the small critters in the neighborhood, I started sneaking food out of my house and leaving it under some bushes that the Oscar (I know, but everybody deserves a name) frequented.  I would take some of my allowance and walk to the little grocery about a half a mile away and buy cat food for him.  I figured I was successful when I would see him weeks later and he was obviously fatter….I was pretty proud of myself.  Until Oscar had babies in our garage that is.  Seems Oscar was a chick….and man, was my dad pissed cause my mom wouldn’t let him move them out till the babies were weaned.  We still couldn’t get too close to Oscar or her babies….she would put up a huge fuss if we tried, but my mom started feeding her so she would be healthy for the babies.  Amazingly, as soon as those kittens were weaned, Oscar moved them out on her own and we had 4 wild cats instead of 1.  My mom put cat food out under the bushes every morning and always kept a bowl of water filled for them.  They hung around for years…one was still around when I went off to college…we had found Oscar dead the year before under the bush….hopefully of old age.  My dad always bitched about them, but my mom always pointed out that we never had mice or rats (I never cared about saving those critters).

Here Kitty 2

So when I see this stuff from Sway’s and .aisling., almost on the same day…I couldn’t resist combining.  The fabulous birdhouses from Sway’s are at Uber…whose theme this round is apocalypse ….hence the ummmmm bedraggled condition.  There’s one that you put on a wall and a free standing birdhouse on a tree stump….actually, it looks like it’s about to fall off… which only adds to the appeal.  Also from Sway’s is the welcome mat…this is the international mat and comes with the delivery box (I added the free fud sign).  I have the doormat with the kitty laying on it in front of the 8f8 Café, right by these kitties… looks perfect there.  The fat cats……well there in a class of their own.  You can’t not love them….and want to hold them and squeeze them.  There’s 2 versions….the lazy cat (the black one) laying down and the Say Hi cat (the white and the blue cats) that you hold up and he looks like he’s waving.  Did I mention that they’re fat?  They are soooo fat…..

If you want to see the cats…or the birdhouses, I have them out by 8f8’s La Petite Joie Café on my land.  Feel free to come by, hang around, take pictures, leave a bucketful of lindens….whatever….. 

Sway’s [Crack] Birdhouse . wall @ Uber
Sway’s [Crack] Birdhouse . tree stump @ Uber
Sway’s [Door Mat] international @ The Arcade
. aisling . NINO Snow (Say Hi!) @ The Arcade
. aisling . NINO Sky (Say Hi!) @ The Arcade
. aisling . NINO Coal (Lazy) @ The Arcade
.a i s l i n g. Stone Floor
. a i s l i n g . Old Fountain w/stoneground
(Mesh)HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass07 – b

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