Morrighan, Morrighan. Raven Queen,
Round and round the Hawthorn green.
Queen of beauty, Queen of Art,
Yours my body, Yours my heart.
All my trust I place in thee,
Morrighan, Morrighan. Be with me. . .”

Morrighan, Queen of the Ghosts


The Secret Affair still goes strong…a testament to the exceptional designers and their talent and the want of the average SL’er to be edgy and dramatic.  The theme, Melancholy with a touch of Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven” didn’t hurt either… just can’t go wrong with dark and mysterious.  The Morrighan outfit from deviousMind is proof that A. Chandra Meehan is a genius and B. Chandra Meehan is a genius.  Everything from  !dM is sexy, well made, different and daring…no exceptions…and such a pleasure to wear!  Check out the pastie….with emphasis on the giant pearls hanging from it.  Only in SL could you do this people….can you imagine the owwie when you pulled that sucker off after super glueing it to your nipple (don’t try this at home, I’m a professional).  I ❤ ❤ ❤ it!  One of the things I love about SL is the ability to go beyond common and be daring.

The dress came in black also, but I really, really wanted to wear the jewels from Terra D’Ombra and they matched the white perfectly.  I found TdO at the Jewelry Fair and fell in lust instantly with this tiara and matching jewels (and with quite a few other pieces that grace my inventory now) and wanted to get all classy.  I can get classy when I want to.  Really.  That and Chandra had mentioned that she would be interested to see how chicks accentuate the Morrighan outfit.  And I may or may not have been dared to wear dark hair.  I don’t do it much (ie… never)….I’m a blonde or pastel kind of girl….did reds a few times…wayyy back in the day.  I chose Argrace’s Kaede because it’s classy and swept back, so it doesn’t interfere with mah fabulous tiara.  I don’t know how to say holy shit and make it sound classy…but holy shit this outfit looks good.  I’m standing in Belleza as we speak (FLF skin is fab) and I’ve gotten more comments than my poor im box can handle…but in essence…the look works.  As it happens I’m wearing my Belleza skin currently at the Arcade and the new Venus mesh body….and lots of it is showing…another thing I love about the designs from !dM.

Ohhhhh yes….the time has finally come!  Belleza has released Venus…their offering to the mesh body craze….and what a body.  The body itself is gorgeous and the options make it even more so.  The flat, medium and high feet options all work with the Slink shoes with just a bit of tweaking…but shoes made for Venus are already rolling out by designers  across the grid.  There are 16….yes….16 interchangeable hand shapes and gestures…with a simple click by a picture you go from elegant to holding a bag to the peace sign.  But you know, the first thing everybody asks about and looks for is the nipples…it’s really all about the nipples…as it should be.  They’re spectacular, come in different shades and protrude nicely…I’d have shown them, but as I said, I’m being classy right now (as classy as one can be with a nipple guard on)…yeah…that’s me….a classy ass chick ❤

Morrigan closeup

Taxi to The Secret Affair

Taxi to The Jewelry Fair 2014

!dM Morrighan **PEARL** @ The Secret Affair
TdO*ARACNEpearl tiara @ The Jewelry Fair
TdO*ARACNEpearl necklace @ The Jewelry Fair
TdO*ARACNEpearl earring @ The Jewelry Fair
TdO*ARACNEpearl bracelet L @ The Jewelry Fair
TdO*ARACNEpearl bracelet R @ The Jewelry Fair
TdO*ARACNEpearl ring @ The Jewelry Fair
AZOURY Bouquet of flowers @ The Secret Affair
Belleza– Venus Mesh Body NEW
-Belleza- Emily skin # 3 RARE @ The Arcade
Damned– Tribal liner 1
Kosh wet lips – blood

Del May Sophisticated #1 Pose

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