The Alchemist

More Sway’s preview from the upcoming FCG.  Doors open on the 4th…so get on your marks!

Before we talk about the FGC…lets talk hair.  This is the 3rd new hair style from Argrace….3’s a charm I guess.  Tsumugi is perfect for photographers and bloggers.  An long upside down look that everybody will be using…mark my words.  I have wanted to use this pose from Del May for ages…I bought it just waiting for an opportunity…and here it is ❤

The Alchemist

Now about Sway’s enchanted branch furniture….love it.  I did the rare throne earlier, but this bench is also a rare.  The curtain, lantern and shelf are commons…but as fabulous as the rares.  The bench has 5 different textures for the cushions and 6 different built in poses.  The curtain has the same 5 textures also….score!


The potions that Sway’s will also have at the FGC are equally fab.  The bottles are gorgeous, the labels are hilarious. There’s a revenge brew, a love elixir, a wealth potion, a strength serum, an invisibility potion, an unknown brew (the one I’m holding in the pic below) and a freaking jar of eyeballs.  Gotta love a jar of eyeballs!


Back to the Argrace hair…..there are 2 versions included in the Tsumugi package…a straight falling hair like the one in the top picture and one that pools on the floor.  The pic above shows the pooled hair…how ingenious is that!?

*ARGRACE* TSUMUGI – Misty White [A] NEW!
*ARGRACE* TSUMUGI – Misty White [B] (pooled on the floor) NEW!
Lolapop Cthulhu Posture Collar
Sway’s [Enchanted Branch] Bench RARE @ the FGC (no LM till the 4th!!)
Sway’s [Enchanted Branch] Shelf @ the FGC
Sway’s [Enchanted Branch] Curtain @ the FGC
Sway’s [Enchanted Branch] Lantern @ the FGC
Sway’s [Magic Potion] Strength Serum @ the FGC
Sway’s [Magic Potion] Invisibility Potion @ the FGC
Sway’s [Magic Potion] Jar with eyeballs RARE @ the FGC
Sway’s [Magic Potion] Revenge Brew @ the FGC
Sway’s [Magic Potion] Love Elixir RARE @ the FGC
Sway’s [Magic Potion] Wealth Potion @ the FGC
Sway’s [Magic Potion] Unknown Brew @ the FGC
[Manticore] Annabelle B [COPY]

Del May Molehill pose

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