Decisions Decisions

Decisions Decisions

I have a new event to add to my list of “don’t miss this”.  Xiasumi School Festival opened yesterday and holy cow….the list of designers is astounding.  Not only is this top notch shopping, but donations are being taken up for Save the Children: Japan Tsunami Relief….win win!  This charity dedicates their resources, time, and money to provide everything they can for the children of missing families, homes, and loved ones (thank you Seraphim for sharing this info and link).

Sari-Sari made a wurst cart for the event….too cool.  Just like a hot dog stand in the US only…well….yummier (don’t fuss hot dog lovers, you know there’s just something about grilled sausage).  One of the only times I ever break my vegetarian lifestyle is when I’m in Germany…and it’s for the wurst and the wienerschnitzel…crazy, I know….but it makes me so happy and I only eat a little (ish).  This little Chilian restaurant in New York City is another (amazing fajitas) and the smoked turkey leg stand in Disneyworld  ….couple bites and I’m good for the year 🙂

Anyway, the cart is adorable and so realistic you can almost smell the grilling sausage and warm pretzels (bread…something else I so need to give up)….yummmmm.  The peeps at Sari-Sari do such a great job with the details and texturing (whoots for you AbbyAnne and Stupid Monkey!) and the special little touches…. 2L seems pretty reasonable for a big piece of wurst  🙂   (Darth is going to have a field day with that statement)  When you can (and I mean that literally, the event is packed) pop over to Xiasumi and spend some time…you will not be disappointed in the creators or the creations….and while there, open your heart and your wallet and make a donation ❤

Xiasumi School Festival

Sari-Sari – Brezel & Wurst Cart @ Xiasumi School Festival
Sari-Sari – Autumn Road Sign (normal)
Sari-Sari – Gluehwein Stand
Sari-Sari – Autumn Pumpkin Sign
. a i s l i n g . Pumpkin -Multiples- FREE gift in store
*COCO*_Doll_Halter Corset Dress_White(BlackCorset)
*COCO*_Doll, female
[QE] Chibi Pegacorn Wings
[Manticore] White Cait v2 (kittie) and Annabelle B (mousie)
.a i s l i n g. Stone Floor
Skye Enchanted Tree Tunnel main

Sari-Sari built in pose with wurst cart 🙂

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