The Bare Face Challenge

So I see that I have Flick’r mail this morning from Duchess and when I open it it says that she’s challenged me.  I was a bit worried at first, thinking she’d seen my comment from yesterdays group chat where I mentioned challenging myself to a post a day.  But noooo….she’s challenging me to the Bare Face thingie that’s gone viral in the SL Flick’r world.  You take a picture with absolutely no makeup, lashes, tats, enhancements  … and (shudders) no editing.  Is softening editing?  ugggg   No editing.  I saw Duchess’ picture…beautiful…and I’m still looking for the weird shadows she speaks of.

I now challenge Darth Kline (who wears more on his face than most chicks…no facial hair Darth!!) , Rhenu Muneris and Jarath Goldrozen to take the bare face challenge!

So without further adieu …here I am barefaced (and no editing at alllll…I promise)

bare face_001

I figured since I had to wear a skin and hair anyway, I’d piggyback on the challenge and get a post in for the Secret Affair…pretty clever huh?!  The skin from random.Matter is dewy fresh and pale enough to show off the gorgeous hair from Entwined.  The necklace from the Forge fits in perfectly with the Harvest Moon theme, as does the flower crown…also from random.Matter.

Check out The Secret Affair, their website and the Flick’r for more amazing creations ❤

[Entwined] Arya hair @ The Secret Affair
.random.Matter. – Rayne skin – Ivory @ The Secret Affair
.random.Matter. – Valeria Flower Crown – Gold @ The Secret Affair
[The Forge] Harvest Moon, Gold @ The Secret Affair

*~*Illusions*~* Sprite Ears


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