Scrumptiousness from Chandra Meehan of !dM (deviousMind).  Designed for this round of The Secret Affair, Ianna is as Chandra says ” a seductive arcane silk dress for the godess and demon inside you”.  Mmhmm … scrumptious.  This is a gacha, but don’t despair of having to get pieces and parts….you get the whole (ironic term, being there isn’t much there) dress….the chance you take is which of the 26 colors you get.  “Ianna” is an intricate fitted mesh gown for the not-so-shy femme fatale, made or iridiscent, ornamented and embroidered silk paired with slithering silk strips seductively covering just the neccessary. Each dress comes with a menu that allows to choose small cup size or large cup size.
All rare colors (black, ruby and pearl) have additional ornament pieces, an unrigged spine decor attachment as well as a rigged silk drape, which are color scripted for 8 or 9 of the common colors each. You can use these either as contrast to your rare color dress, or wear with the matching common one instead if you rather go tone-in-tone.

How fabulous does this wispy dress look with little bones Snow Spell hair and the Valeria flower crown from randomMatter?!  I know .. right!!  The Secret Affair runs through this Sunday, so don’t delay in getting a piece of scrumptious for yourself ❤

The body is still my Venus mesh body….not a single alpha used (that’s how good Chandra is!), the skin however is new from Belleza.  Eva will be available at the new “Vogue” themed round of Uber…whooot!  She comes with 8 different makeups in the pale and medium skin tones and as always we are including multiple brow options (dark, blonde, red and brown) as well as cleavage, hair base, 2 blush options and matte/gloss lips layers.

Uber opens Nov 30th ❤

Secret Affair landing point …   website …  Flick’r

!dM Ianna – SilkDress **PEARL** (rare)
!dM Ianna – SilkDrape **CRYSTAL HUES** (rare)
!dM Ianna – Ornament **CRYSTAL HUES** (rare)
.random.Matter. – Valeria Flower Crown – Gold
little bones. Snow Spell I

Belleza– Venus mesh body – updated (I know!  How perfect is that body!?)
-Belleza- Eva Pale 8 red skin

Del May Coquettish #2 pose

Secret Affair - Official Blogger 300X300


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