Release the Beast

Release the Beast 1

Several days to go before the Jewelry & Accessory Expo 2014 opens….wooohoooo…so a little sneak preview is in order!  The theme is Release the Beast…so we’re going on a safari with a headpiece from Sad Harlequin…it’s wildly fabulous….it comes in Leo, Zebra and Blackbear … it’s a must have ❤

Other must haves are the simple and elegant Olivia necklace from GeWungo, which comes with a hud to change the stones and the metal, and the sky high “She Rules” shoes from VG.  These shoes are exclusives at the expo and are available in beige, black, chocolate and red…each with different animal prints… so make sure you pick up a pair or two ❤

In other news, Vogue is the theme for this round of Uber, which opened yesterday to the throngs.  I was not very successful gaining entrance for a while…it takes steely determination to break through the people barrier…and once in…don’t crash!  Truth has Vivi, a fabulously sexy hair out for the occasion….long and curly, to gorgeous for words!   Belleza made the Eva skin with 8 different makeups in the pale and medium skin tones and as always they include multiple brow options (dark, blonde, red and brown) as well as cleavage, hair base, 2 blush options and matte/gloss lips layers.  I’m not wearing any other makeup layer peeps…just the #7 med skin…..I know right…you can’t not go now!  ❤

Release the Beast cropped

:(SH): Secrets of the Fablewood – Leo @ J&A Expo 2014 (opens Dec. 5th)
GeWunjo : OLIVIA Necklace @ J&A Expo 2014
VG She Rules Chocolate/snake shoes EXCLUSIVELY @ J&A Expo 2014

-Belleza- Eva Uber Med 7 br skin @ UBER
Belleza– Venus mesh body – updated

Bauhaus Movement – My Shoes and Yvonita (closeup) poses

J&A Expo 2014 Logo Black

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