The Angel

So I’m gonna do this quick and dirty peeps…I crashed to the ever popular blue screen last night and I have to babysit tonight…Anaise is 1 and frankly…doesn’t like me very much (wait till she gets a bit older and realized I’m the one who takes her shopping and to Disney World…then she’ll looove me).  So anyway, I don’t have a lot of time to wax poetic.  I really want to though…I want to go on and on about the sexy hair from Analog Dog…remember I had the other new one on the other day?  This is the sexier one <3.  Since I was going mostly naked and sexy, it seemed a good choice.  I also want to go on and on about the gorgeous jewelry and shoes.  The beautiful shoes and face chains are from Yasum…definite must haves!  The bracelet and necklace are from Tantalum…I love everything that Tantalum makes…no kidding…Lucinnnda is a jewelry genius <3.  Both designers have their creations at The Jewelry & Accessory Expo 2014, an amazing event that pulls together great designers and greater creations.  The event is only open till this Saturday, the 13th…make sure you go wander around and see all the fabulousness in one place!

The Angel

The wings…yep, still wearing them…and lyre are from RO and are available at the Arcade.  The lyre is common whereas the wings are…well…so freaking rare and awesome and sought after you can practically name your price if you get one from the machine.

The chapel in the back is one of those awesome weather scene buildings that Ravenghost makes….when you’re inside…it’s amazing to look out of the windows and see beautiful snow falling all around.  The outside is pretty spectacular also…the architecture is beautiful, as are the textures…just a lovely build to sit and admire.  The chapel is currently available at the Winter Trend Fair, as is the Lola skin from Belleza.  Lola comes with 6 different makeups in the fair, pale and medium skin tones and includes multiple brow options (dark, blonde, red and brown) as well as cleavage, hair base,  freckles and matte/gloss lips layers.  And by the way…I’d like to thank Elise from Axix for the Leonah armor…it’s helping me keep a tiny bit of modesty here 🙂

The Angel cropped

AD – mash – light blondes NEW!
Yasum*MESH*Face Charm*Mod/Resizer @ the J&A Expo 2014
Yasum*SLINK*Safari Heel* @ the J&A Expo 2014
~Tantalum~ Tuma Necklace @ the J&A Expo 2014
~Tantalum~ Dangala Bracelets @ the J&A Expo 2014
RO – Holiday Spirit – Wings – RARE @ The Arcade
RO – Holiday Spirit – Lyre – Onyx @ The Arcade
::Axix:: Leonah Armor Top [Old gold]
Ravenghost Gothic Chapel @ the Winter Trend Fair (till Dec. 19th)

Belleza– Venus mesh body
-Belleza- Lola med #6 skin @ the Winter Trend Fair (till Dec. 19th)

Del May Cool Sit variation

J&A Expo 2014 Logo Black

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