The Wild

The Wild

More goodness from the Jewelry & Accessory Expo 2014 … going on till this Saturday, the 13th.  The awesome headpiece is from PM, or PurpleMoon.  I was shopping at PM wayyyy back in the day and am always excited to see what Poulet comes out with.  The colorful headpiece does not disappoint ❤

Bracelets and bracer


The bracer is from Stitched Gods, the bracelets from Tantalum and the shoes from Azoury … all are at the Expo ❤


:: PM :: Savannah Headpiece @ the J&A Expo 2014
[SG] Bae’s Bracers of Woe – @ the J&A Expo 2014
~Tantalum~ Oni Hyena Bracelet @ the J&A Expo 2014
~Tantalum~ Ekene Bracelet @ the J&A Expo 2014
~Tantalum~ Cayman Bracelet @ the J&A Expo 2014
~Tantalum~ Dangala Bracelets version  @ the J&A Expo 2014
AZOURY – Boots (Belleza) – Creme @ the J&A Expo 2014


22769 ~ [bauwerk] Taxidermic Renaissane Throne White

Belleza– Venus mesh body – updated
-Belleza- Lola med #6 skin @ the Winter Trend Fair

Del May Still Life pose

J&A Expo 2014 Logo Black

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