The Ice Queen

Silent night, Holy night
All is calm, all is bright

Silent Night  Sarah McLachlan

The Ice Queen

With the caliber of designers in this round of The Liaison Collaborative, it’s not surprising to find amazing breathtaking creations.  Dutchie had this beautiful Tea Dome…as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside.  I was 5 seconds away from Googling tea domes when I saw the info card Froukje had in the box…and I’ll share:

From the 17th century, rich Amsterdam merchants fled the busy city to their country estates along the river De Vecht. It was a matter of status to build a tea dome, a small octagonal building with a domed roof and many large windows.

These cottages were build on the most beautiful spots near the river, well to be admired from the water. The owners enjoyed the view of all that happened on the river. And through the large windows, the passers watched the owners, drinking their costly tea in their delicate china cups.


So there you have it…a beautiful build with a beautiful history….all it needs is beautiful people.  Enter the Ice Queen from Boudoir.  The dress is nothing short of gorgeous…truly…the pleated bodice, the draped skirt…amazing.  The outfit has a bonus as it comes with shoes and the equally gorgeous Frozen hair…you simply can’t not love it ❤

Belleza brought back the lovely Mae with 6 all new exclusive makeups to this ‘Snowfall’ round of The Liason Collaborative.
Available in Fair, Pale and Medium skin tones, Mae includes Dark, red and blonde brow options, cleavage layers, hair bases and both matte/gloss lips ❤

The Ice Queen cropped

The beautiful dancing pose from Black Tulip is also @ TLC…one of 15 individual dance poses and 2 couples dance poses.  The Liaison Collaborative opens at midnight…soooo….5-ish hours from now…get ready!!

The Liaison Collaborative

[Black Tulip] Snow Dancer #2 pose @ TLC
-Belleza- Mae TLC Med 2 Bl Skin @ TLC
Dutchie Tea Dome De Vecht w/ curtains and snow roof @ TLC

Boudoir Ice Queen dress and Frozen hair NEW!

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