21 shoe for Christmas

It’s that time of the month again for the 21 Shoe Event.  12 designers are participating this month…each putting up 2 pair of shoes for the price of one.  This only happens on the 21st…which is what….Sunday…yeah…Sunday…so be ready!  Check out the website for 21 Shoe Event for the list of all the designers and links to their stores.

snow bunnies

So a couple things….1st the shoes.  The patent mules are from N-core, in black and cherry, and require N-core feet.  They’re simple and sexy and easy to kick off (if ya know what I mean).  The adorable outfit is from Boudoir.  Holly Jolly is a mesh corset with holly attachments and a fabulous Santa hat.  Seriously…the Santa hat is rocking!  Rin is the new hair from Argrace and with a high pony in the back it can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion ❤

Aphrodite shoes

Next are the shoes from Sax Shepherd.  This is a sneak peek at the not-yet-launched Aphrodite line. The Aphrodite is an avalanche of diamonds and this holiday edition offers Red, Blue, and Green soles with gold, platinum and black titanium jewelry options. The Aphrodite Holiday Edition will only be sold during the holidays at the Sax Shepherd Design mainstore and after 21Shoe will be sold alone at its full price of L$599.

The Chaise, books, rug and basket are from MudHoney and are currently available at TLC.  There are 6 colors of the chaise available, and you can click it to change the texture on the pillow and the throw blanket.  The chaise has 19 pg couple’s animations, 3 friends anims, and 17 singles….bam!

The second pair of shoes that Sax is offering in their twofer are the Mata Hari Stilettos in satin oyster.  This is Sax’s most popular design in an exclusive color and style and will never be sold again after 21Shoe.

Mata Hari shoes

Just for fun…a close up of the Aphrodite shoes 🙂

Aphrodite closeup

Then there’s the pair from Hopscotch….the red Vevine flats are full of holiday spirit.  They’re made for Slink flat feet but I have them on with my Belleza Venus mesh body and they only took a minute of moving to adjust them in the right place.

HopScotch flats

The Ice Ice Baby Skate boots are unrigged, that means that everyone can wear them with resizing and everything.  If you want to wear SLink feet with them you need the Medium Heel feet AND the Ankle Lock attachment, so your feet do not move. They are modeled around the feet, so that will work. If you see your feet bend but your shoes not, that means you are not wearing the Ankle Lock.  The ankle lock is FREE. To get it, go into the Slink store to the section where you can find hands and feet and it is a vendor at the wall. As said it is free, and makes your heels look pretty when a pose would usually bend in an ugly way. 🙂

Ice Ice Baby

And finally, Bliensen + MaiTai have a winter edition of their Chakacha shoes…cute cute cute!  They are made for both The Mesh Project and SLink feet, but again…wearing Venus and a simple upward adjustment made them fit perfect.

Blietsen & MaiTai shoes

The flats that Bliensen + MaiTai have to round out their pair, the snow queen edition of Underbrush is made specifically for SLink flat feet and are rigged, so I couldn’t adjust them on my Venus body…and ya know what….I sooo freaking did not want to totally change out of my mesh and into a regular body to put my slink feet on…I gave exams today dammit and I’m crosseyed from grading.  Luckily, there was an advert in the package, so I can share (hint hint, the flats are on the left)  🙂

Bliensen - 21shoe December Ad

So lets review…the shoes for the 21 shoe event are in the designers stores and are only available for a twofer on Sunday, the 21st…and some are exclusive to this day….check out the webpage linked at the top to see all the designers participating this month.

Don’t forget to check out The Liaison Collaborative this month for the set from MudHoney and so many other amazing wintery finds….the sim is all snowed up and spectacular ❤

Also, lets not forget the adorable outfit from Boudoir and the equally adorable hair from Argrace…both new and both in store ❤

N-core 21ShoeEvent “Patent MULES in Black” (for Xtreme Feet)
N-core 21ShoeEvent “Patent MULES in Cherry” (for Xtreme Feet)
Entwine pose by Infiniti

! !SSD ~ Aphrodite Jeweled Stiletto (Holiday) Clarity pose by Infiniti
! !SSD ~ Mata Hari Jeweled Stiletto ~ Satin Oyster

*~*HopScotch*~* Vevina – Red
*~*HopScotch*~* Ice Ice Baby – Black – Left

Bliensen + MaiTai – Chakacha – Winter Edition for Slink High
Kitten pose by Infiniti

MudHoney Alex Chaise – Cream @ TLC
MudHoney Alex Blanket Basket @ TLC
MudHoney Alex Books @ TLC
MudHoney Alex Rug @ TLC

Boudoir Holly Jolly outfit with Santa hat  NEW!
*ARGRACE* RIN – Baby Blonde

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