Twisted Krissmuss

There’s a Christmas hunt out on the grid right now that is so awesome I have to share.  It’s called the Twisted Krissmuss and is a holiday shopping tour designed to make the season bright — offered by the merchants and friends of the Twisted Hunt. Every merchant on the Twisted Krissmuss tour has made at least one item that is new, transferable, and costs only L$100….mmhmm…you saw that right…L$100.  Think of it like shopping at the dollar store – except for awesome stuff you’d never find at the dollar store.

And why only L100?  Here’s the answer…copy and pasted straight from the Twisted Hunt website:

“We may be merchants – but we’re creators first, and we take great pleasure in making things that give people joy. Really, we’re tickled purple when you put on something we have made, or put it in your home, or whatever – and love it. We feel the same way about the holidays, and holiday presents: we love the joy they bring people. Not just the people who receive them, but the people who give them, too.

We realized that many holidays may not be so bright this year – and while we can’t do anything about that in real life, we can in Second Life. So we all got together and decided to make things that people could buy as presents. They would be new, so people couldn’t already have them. They would be as good as anything else we make – so they would be good presents. And we would make them L$100… so everyone could afford to get really great presents for their friends and loved ones.

We invite you to join us on this holiday tour, and help spread the holiday cheer. =)”

The Fireplace

So my example of the awesomeness you can pick up is this astoundingly cool steampunk fireplace by Ravenghost….look at the detail…smoke comes out of the pipes and all manner of cool sounds (coals sizzling) are emitted ❤

Here’s a link to the complete list of merchants participating in the hunt….over 50 of them…..and you’re sure to see designers on the list that you love…….it’s a no brainer peeps!  There’s still 2 good days to do all your last minute shopping…head out nowwww!

Ravenghost Steaminator Fireplace

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