The Briar Patch


The Briers

Smexiness from Gothmas, TLC and Kustom9.  I know……I don’t do boob shots too very often.  When I do, I always find ways to subtly cover them…but I’ll tell ya…I got the fat pack of Bauhaus Movement poses at TLC the other day and I was going through them…and I looove this pose.  Since my primary purpose was to get a shot of the Fallen Gods tattoo, I didn’t want to have clothing on.  The tattoo is fabulous…briars wind all the way down to the feet…although it comes so that you can wear just pieces of it if you want…and at varying intensities. I figured the water could do most of my cover up….and then sat and stared at the picture trying to figure out what I could do to lessen the “holy shit look at those nipples” reaction.  And sat.  And sat.  I swear…I don’t think I’ve ever starred at nipples so long.  I passed the picture to Jarath and Darth and Cinder…asked opinions.  Note to self…never ask a man about whether you should have nipples showing in a picture…bias is impossible….Darths most coherent piece of advice was that they should be covered….with a mouth….Jarath concurred….Cinder no doubt rolled her eyes.  After much debate…with myself…I went with the nipples…I just like the way it looks.  Was I right?

Briar standing

Did I say the tat was fabulous?  Well ya know, if it’s from Fallen Gods…it’s going to be fabulous no matter what.  It’s available at Gothmas by Gaslight along with the eyeliner and shadow I’m wearing.  The amazing horns are kick ass girly.  They are at The Liaison Collaborative as we speak along with the gorgeous Lola skin from Belleza and the poses from Bauhaus movement.  I picked up the wild Mina hair, the eyes and the very cool twinkling light logs (I set them upside down for the shot) from Kustom9 the other day…all great finds ❤

Briar closeup

Gothmas by Gaslight              The Liaison Collaborative          Kustom9

+Fallen Gods Inc.+ – Brier tattoo
!Chop Shop! Cat Liner
!Chop Shop! Soft White Shadow 2

Tentacio – Winter queen. Snow Horns @ TLC
-Belleza- Lola Fair 2 red @ TLC
Bauhaus Movement – Ilanit O 1 pose (laying), Ambra pose (standing) @ TLC

MINA Hair – Roosje (materials) @ Kustom9
[Buzz] Lillian eyes – Ice @ Kustom9
[keke] twinkling lights log – snow  (upside down) @ Kustom9

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