Dressed to Kill

Here comes the morning
And who can deny
Leaving the dream is so hard
I love my nightmares
I await their return
And this time, I’m dressed to kill, dressed to kill

Just like a black widow…………

Black Widow – U.D.O.

Dressed to Kill final

When I was in college I took every non essential class known to mankind….all the good ones anyway.  Lots of literature classes.  Erotic Literature of the Dark Ages (swear…like medieval porn…who knew), Bible Lit(again…some porn involved..ie…Sodom and Gamorrah), all the Shakespeare lits (classy porn) , Lit of foreign films (porn with subtitles), Lit of American films (duh)…if it didn’t fit into my major (biology at the time) I took it.  I choose Literature of American films as soon as I found out it was a long Monday/ Wednesday class….you watched a film on Monday and discussed the plot, genre, symbolism…etc…on Wednesday…bring your own popcorn.  It was an awesome class…and I hadn’t seen any of the movies covered…all classics in their genre.  So for the film noir week we watched Double Indemnity…the story of a conniving, seductive, icy blond bombshell of a  woman…a dissatisfied housewife who plots to have another man kill her husband for the insurance money.  She’s coldblooded, calculating, beautiful, shrewd and predatory…I loved her instantly.  There’s something about this kind of woman…a black widow….. that attracts and consumes and bewitches you…male or female.  And who doesn’t want to portray them?  Barbara Stanwick in Double Identity, Lana Turner in The Postman Always Rings Twice (Jessica Lange in the remake), Kathleen Turner in Body Heat, Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct (don’t shake your head…you know she did it).  Who else  can we add to this?  Makes you wonder how blondes ever got pigeonholed  as dumb and useless.  Shout out to Cinder (a brunette btw) for picking the song above ❤

*ARGRACE* YUZU – Baby Blonde  NEW!!

Gothmas by Gaslight:
HoR Daggers necklace
House of Rain Daggers earrings
House of Rain  Daggers Bracelet
Beautiful Freak Bitter Winter lipstick – red
NanTra – Merry Deathmas #5 pose with goblet prop

-Belleza- Lola Med. 2 br skin @ TLC

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