“Abashed the devil stood and felt how awful goodness is and saw Virtue in her shape how lovely: and pined his loss”

Paradise Lost – John Milton

The theme for this round of The Secret Affair is Untamed Purity…so I guess liquor and original sin fit right in 🙂

When Raven told me he was making an Absinthe fountain for TSA….okay…the first picture that popped into my head was a champagne fountain or better yet, a chocolate fountain.  I was wondering where absinthe was so popular they would have it flowing down a stacked mountain of glasses.  My hesitation must have been a clue (I’m usually a faster googler than that…but the vision of a chocolate fountain held me enthralled) and Raven was kind enough not only to explain the concept to me, but also to share a youtube video <3.  I’ve tasted absinthe…in Europe before it was legalized here in the States and afterwards locally…didn’t like it…I figured it was like brandy or scotch…that you had to develop a taste for it.  Turns out I was drinking it all wrong!  Absinthe is bitter and STRONG and the drip of ice water over a sugar cube cuts both down to a happier medium.  I shared my newfound knowledge with my travel friends that I have dinner with every Wednesday and we have decided we must do another Paris trip to explore this custom and class ourselves up a bit more ❤

Raven nailed the whole process…not only is this a gorgeous fountain….it is a working fountain with dialog…so delightful you will want to spend forever just watching 🙂  And did he know Chandra was designing Eve…a wicked reptilian temptation all in itself?  Probably not.  That’s what’s beautiful about designers working with a single theme…the connections and interactions are unlimited.  The errr “outfit” from DeviousMind is stunning…they all are…snakes perfectly wrapped and tangled around the body…apples here and there…some more here than there (wait till the bible belt gets a hold of this!).

To top Eve off after a night of dripping (well that could go several ways)….a wild and wanton hair from Miamai, Chryella ❤

absinthe makes the heart grow fonder

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!dM Eve -**PEARL**
Miamai_Chryella Hair Ombre
Ravenghost Antique Absinthe Fountain
Raven’s Brew Absinthe EST. 1835
Ravenghost Antique Sugar Holder
Ravenghost Victorian Grand Hall Cabinet (Copy, Mod)
Ravenghost Victorian Settle (Copy,Mod)
Ravenghost Gothic Chapel

Del May pose

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