Shoes, shoes, shoes

It’s a bit ironic that lately I am doing so many shoe pictures…as I had not been in the habit of wearing them much inworld…..mesh feet are just so pretty.  I am, in fact, a bit of a shoe ho…pretty shoes, interesting shoes, quirky shoes, ho ho shoes….love them all.  And haven’t they come a loooong way over the years!  If you’re over 3 or 4 yrs old…picture those squarish bling shoes…holy crap were they ugly…but hey…that was before N-Core came out with shoes on pretty feet…then we just had to worry about matching skin shades (or wearing pants all the time).  We’re so spoiled on pretty feet now….we just won’t settle for less than fabulous footwear to put on them.  So here are 3 more pairs of shoes for the 21 Shoe Event…which is happening in a couple of hours.  12 designers…24 hours…2 for 1 shoes…all on the 21st…..get ready!!!

And the beyond adorable chairs!?  Boudoir, of course, and new in store.  The black is my favorite with the red fingernails and shoes standing out.  The Mademoiselle chairs also come in pink, teal, gold and blue and have an equally adorable sit animation built in.  Go pick up one or two ❤

Shoes, shoes, shoes

Remember, you go to the individual stores for these deals!

ieQED snakeskin.pump.yellow/white.left
[LaVian&C0] FW2015 Clover Platform Pumps
[LaVian&C0] FW2015 Gabriel Rose Pumps
N-core 21Shoe January “Black” for N-core Medium Feet
N-core 21Shoe January “Gold” for N-core Medium Feet

Boudoir – Mademoiselle Chair Red
Boudoir – Mademoiselle Chair Black

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