The Edelweiss Chalet

So I’m hanging out at Darth’s sim, Lennon Park, the other day as he landscapes.  He is an amazing landscaper/terraformer/decorator and his sim is an absolute joy to walk around and take pictures.  He’s currently in redo mode as he readies part of the sim for future renters and as I wander it occurs to me that it would be the perfect place to put down the Edelweiss Chalet from Convair.  It’s a large build and looks good on land as well as water (you know I chose the water).  It boasts dual stairs on the side, a large roomy porch on the front and a gorgeous fireplace inside.  With the attention to detail that Convair is known for, it’s a no brainer if you’re looking for a spacious cabin/chalet/hideaway.  The chalet is currently at The Liaison Collaborative till the 10th…barely a week away…..don’t delay!  ❤

The Edelweiss Chalet

+CONVAIR+ Edelweiss Chalet @ TLC

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