The Sale

Or perhaps I should name it “Roxi makes a malt” 🙂

Yep, I joined the Illustrious Legion of Malts the other day (still waiting on a cape or utility belt or super power…something dammit).  Everybody and their uncle seems to have one, at least many of the chick bloggers that I know.  It makes sense really….designers send packages directly to me…not to a guy alt I may or may not have…and I would certainly not be so nervy as to ask anyone to send a blogger pack to a guy friend so that he could wear it and I could blog it.  Mostly it’s not a problem…I get very little in the way of strictly guy stuff…and for an event, I have enough to do with all the chick stuff and/or non gender stuff like home & garden.

The Sale

But then Rucy Byron of Aphorism sends me this suit that he has at The Men’s Dept. this month (checks the date and hopes it’s not over).  I was going to take a pass when it occurred to me that if Darth could do posts of chick stuff, I could do guy stuff….so I challenged him to make me a malt either for free or at least reasonably inexpensive.  He can’t resist a challenge and started going through his inventory….several free shapes and extra gacha skins later….we were laughing ourselves sick…I looked like a noob in a freebie store…a bald, barefoot noob with giganto ape hands (note to whatever Linden works on the avatars…seriously?).  I had forgotten what regular hands look like….don’t try this at home…it will scare 10 years off your life.  I figured I could at least hide the atrocious “feet” in shoes.  Anyway…Darth started asking in groups (I know…a man who asks for help…..whodathunkit) and was directed to Depraved Nations Jack and Jill Hunt….it has a hunt pathway for girls and for guys.  Armed with our hunting resources (LM’s and hints) we went man hunting.  I got the Ben shape from Hostyle Shapes and the Guy skin from 7 Deadly Skins….both freeeeee.  We went to Haysuriza and joined the group to get the awesome shoes and Darth passed me the Deadwool fedora…which looks good with a simple hairbase 🙂

The suit, as I said before, is from Aphorism and is awesome sauce.  Darth had blogged it the day before so I knew it looked good on a guy (that’s right, I tried it on as a chick…boobs got in the way:)).  There’s an option to wear a dress shirt with the jacket or a turtleneck…I went with shirt…and whew….TMD is open till the 28th…lots of time for you or your malt or your actual man to go pick one up ❤

So now to the really important stuff.  That’s Darth in the picture with me in his beloved Deadwool suit.  He took a picture too and posted yesterday…you can see it here on his blog.  I’d like to address a few issues with his post.

A. I DO NOT have penguin hands…they are my female slink hands in the largest size…which is still to small for a man (so I picked a pose that mostly hid them).  I’d also like to point out that PENGUINS DO NOT HAVE HANDS.

B. I DO NOT clammer…wtf is clammering…it doesn’t sound nice…it sounds like what that old man down the street does when pesky kids are on his lawn.

C. Raltxi?  He’s going to call my malt Raltxi??  I kinda like Mr. Rox.  He calls Rhenu’s malt Redude…which is pretty funny…but then she calls him Betty White…which is hilarious.

D. He calls ME the sucker and him the fox…..WTF #2.  Quite obviously HE is the sucker in the pic…see the way he’s rubbing his chin and thinking about the price I just gave him?  I am obviously the slick fox waiting to bag the sucker…I am cool and composed….standing there with my hands in my pockets and already thinking about what I’m going to spend the money on from the sale.  He’s wondering what Rhenu’s gonna say when he comes home with a sports car instead of groceries.

that is all

Worn on the Mr. Rox ( A.K.A Roxi):
7 Deadly s{K}ins – Guy T1 @ Depraved Nation’s Jack & Jill Hunt
Hostyle Shapes – Ben shape @ Depraved Nation’s Jack & Jill Hunt
[Deadwool] Fedora hat – black
!APHORISM! Vintage Crew Suit Grey Jacket, Pants  @ TMD till the 28th
HAYSURIZA_Straight Tip_Mesh Intro_(Bk_M) – Group Gift

Worn on the  penguin hater ( A.K.A Darth)
>> Aeros Avatar Theo << Skin :: apricot :: bodyhair
Hairstyle CRUZ – Greying – REDGRAVE edited
IKON Spectral Eyes – Industrial
Slink AvEnhance Hands Male – Relax
[Deadwool] Fedora – beige
[Deadwool] Fermo watch – 19. male, white quadrant/brown leather
[Deadwool] The Dandy – formal jacket, Tousers – beige @ Love  is in the Air
JD – Valentino FatPack Shoe @ TMD

Apple Fall: Carnaby Row Store
Botanical – Mesh Mediterranean Cypress
Botanical – Lattice Fence Panel (tall 2.8 long)
Botanical – Edged Brick Park Path Straight Long
[Surplus Motors] Carrara Group Gift v1.1

btw,  malt = male alt     🙂

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