Leather & Lace

You in the moonlight
With your sleepy eyes
Could you ever love a man like me
And you were right
When I walked into your house
I knew I’d never want to leave
Sometimes I’m a strong man
Sometimes cold and scared
And sometimes I cry
But that time I saw you
I knew with you to light my nights
Somehow I’d get by

Leather and Lace – Stevie Nicks and Don Henley

Leather And Lace

The Liaison Collaborative opened yesterday to a whirlwind of attention.  The Leather & Lace theme couldn’t have come at a better time with all the attention the 50 Shades movie is getting for its opening weekend.  Hot, sexy, provocative….the  gauntlet has been thrown down and there’s no turning back.  The lineup of designers is amazing…the creations are even more so (I think I have developed a corset fetish).  This round is shorter than usual …. the event is relocating and getting a shiny new build, so make your attempts to get in as soon as possible….doors will be closing at the end of the month!

The Liaison Collaborative

.Enfant Terrible. Rosalies Headpiece Snow @ TLC
.Enfant Terrible. Rosalies Corset Snow XS @ TLC
Baiastice_Pigalle Lingerie-Lace-Ghost-Bra 1-size XS @ TLC
Baiastice_Pigalle Lingerie-Lace-Ghost-Panties-size XS @ TLC
Sway’s [Katya] chaise lounge . cream leather / PG and Adult versions @ TLC
[ zerkalo ] Room Despair (with texture change hud) @ TLC
Bauhaus Movement Female pose # 39 @ TLC
-Belleza- Celeste TLC Med # 5 br. skin @ TLC
22769 ~ [femme] Aldine Blindfold white/white pearls
*MUKA* Collar Love

TLC - February Theme - Leather & Lace

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