Great Balls of Fire

So I’m minding my business this morning when suddenly I get an IM out of the blue exclaiming “I need a hot blonde”.  I know, you’ve probably heard that too before…and usually from a stranger trolling random groups.  This however, was no stranger….strange yes…but that’s another story.  Now, had it been anyone other than Darth I would have slammed them for being sexist and objectifying women (coughs), but under the circumstances I let it go.  The man can’t help himself.  Then he follows that request (demand) with specific instructions “And I need her to be in a red dress, short and low cut”.  No problem in February….all the dresses are red.  What did slow me down was that I actually don’t go around in low cut short dresses…..swear…stop laughing.  I perused my extensive inventory…pushed aside all the bad ass gear, the cutesy chit, the rp stuff and dug for classy ho in red…not as easy as one would think.  Now Cinder…my obsessive compulsive friend …would have been able to put her hands on something appropriate within a minute.  Her inventory is organized in folders by color and type of clothing….and get this….she’s over 6 years old and has an inventory UNDER 20,000.  Crazy.  Anyway, I was deciding on 3 different red Baiastice dresses.  I had the Sonia dress on and tp’d over to Darth’s sim, Lennon Park.  He then said I needed to look like I was dancing by him, not a happy task since he seemed to be on fire (wait till Agustkov of 7 finds out Darth set the piano on fire!).  I pull out my pose stand with all of my Bauhaus Movement poses and start cycling through…at least that was my plan.  Apparently at that moment I fully rezzed in for Darth, was on a pose facing away from him (only # 2!) and he caught sight of the butt butt.  Perhaps the dimples also.  We were on voice and he started coughing and yelling to stop and go back to “that” pose… things like “holy crap, mother of god, don’t move” (he is apparently a butt man).  So the Sonia dress was left on, didn’t even try on the others that I had found and that was all she wrote.  I popped my Sax Shepherd rubies on from the Fantasy Gacha Carnival and my mysterious hair from EMO-tions.  I already had the perfectly elegant, classy skin from Belleza (with butt dimples!) and was ready to go.

All of this for 7’s fabulous piano that debuts tomorrow at Shiny Shabby ❤

Great Balls of Fire

I toned down the butt crack a bit for my picture…but I promise you Darth did not.  Here’s his post … I think he actually accentuated the butt!  Isn’t the piano amazing!  It comes with some great animations…Darth is on one in the picture.  He said he instantly thought of Jerry Lee Lewis singing Great Balls of Fire and proceeded to make his leg go up on the keyboard.

Great Balls of Fire closeup

As I said, the jewelry, and the shoes for that matter, are from Sax Shepherd and are currently in a gacha machine over at the FGC as we speak.  I’d also like to point out the Celeste skin from Belleza that I have on.  This is with no other layer of outside makeup (erp…with the exception of the beauty mark…that’s by Wicked Peach) ….this is how the #5 medium brown skin looks like….it’s freaking gorgeous!  Celeste is @ TLC as we speak…go now!

Sax Shepherd shoes FGC Feb 2015

So lets wrap up…what have we learned?

A. I’m hot and have a big ass inventory and will apparently come running at the drop of a hat to pose

B. Darth is a chauvinistic perfectionist and it makes him nuts that I am random in my “wear” listing

C. Cinder is anal retentive about her inventory and we are sooo jelly

D.  The FGC and TLC are still going strong

E. Shiny Shabby opens tomorrow and is gonna be fabulousssssss (in my best Billy Crystal imitation)

POST / Le Lotus Bleu_rez
7 –  Piano PE-9A 1946 @ Shinny Shabby
erratic / home – whiskey,  drink / whiskey
Life of Me – Granny’s Crapola Ashtray – Teal
.:Standby Inc. – Retro Microphone Silver (RARE!)
Worn on Roxi 😦 In No Apparent order!)
.:EMO-tions:. * PRIA *
Baiastice-Sonia Dress-Red-size XS
SSD Gatcha ~ Fairy Rings Jewelry ~ Bracelets (Rare) @ FGC
SSD Gatcha ~ Fairy Rings Jewelry ~ Anklets  (Rare) @ FGC
SSD Gatcha ~ Fairy Rings Stilettos ~ Bucca (Rare) @ FGC
SSD Gatcha ~ Fairy Rings Jewelry ~ Ruby Earrings (Common) @ FGC
-Belleza- Celeste TLC Med #5 br skin @ TLC
Belleza– Venus mesh body, updated
Bauhaus Movement – Zerkalo 02 pose @ TLC

Worn  on Darth:
>> Aeros Avatar Theo << Skin :: apricot :: bodyhair
IKON Spectral Eyes – Industrial
Slink AvEnhance Hands Male – Relax
FATEwear Suit – Willard – Void
.:L&B:. “Dress Shoe” Wingtip Fatpack w/ HUD

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