So I hibernated over the weekend and only peeked out of my covers to decide if it was reeealy necessary for me to go to the bathroom (it was).  You’d think I lived in the wild tundra or some such place or was pushing 80…I’m no where close, that’s just an ugly rumor I started in the hopes of keeping away the subtle (snickers) sexual propositions (“I like you we have sex”) ….it didn’t work.  My inability to kick this stupid pneumonia out the damned door is just ridiculous… and it was 79 freaking degrees today for goodness sake!  Anyway, I’m feeling sooo much better for it and ready to rock…and what good timing!  We ❤ Role-Play opens tomorrow and that always makes me happy.  The Zoe hair from [KoKoLoReS] and the Briar Rose headpiece from {noctis} are both going to be at the event this month along with some of the most fabulous drizzle rain you’ve ever seen from {anc}.  I’m a huge fan of {anc}…always have been…so it doesn’t surprise me at all that this rain is perfect…..just perfect ❤

Also, if you haven’t hit up the Fantasy Collective yet….you have a bit over a week before it closes….and you know you want this top and bracers from Axix…they come in silver, gold, bronze, black and copper ❤

The jewelry….do you not looove the 3 hoops….is from Tantalum of course.  The hoops have a built in hud that offers you 23 different textures!  The Valentino ring is romantic and dresses up any hand ❤

The gorgeous skin is my favorite from Belleza (Rose is a close close 2nd), Brooke.  So clean and sexy ❤

Lastly, the Bauhaus Movement pose was part of a pack from the just closed TLC…loved every single pose in that pack….so look for it in the main store…and look for TLC to return with a home come the 15th ❤


::Axix:: Naevia Top {Silver} @ The Fantasy Collective (open till March 13th)
::Axix:: Naevia Bracers {Silver} @ The Fantasy Collective
[KoKoLoReS] Hair – Zoe @ We<3 Role-Play (Opens tomorrow, the link won’t get you in till then!!)
[noctis] Briar Rose headpiece Fleshbaby @ We<3 Role-Play
{anc} drizzle [wide] 1Li / for night @ We<3 Role-Play
~Tantalum~ Taadaki Earrings
~Tantalum~ Valentino Ring Version 1
Belleza– Brooke Med. #1 Br. Skin
Bauhaus Movement Zerkalo # 18A pose (from the just closed TLC)

We Love Role-Play logo

~Tantalum~ Taadaki Earrings

~Tantalum~ Valentino Ring Version 1

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