Flora and Fauna

If one did not already know it’s spring (in some parts of the world and SL anyway) they will once they see this month’s Liaison Collaborative.  Spring Fling is full of ….well….spring.  The colors, the textures, the flowers, the softness….just makes you want to run into a field, arms out wide, and start singing all Julie Andrews like (please tell me you get that reference).  TLC opened yesterday…it’s happily packed with spring shoppers and if this adorable little chickadee from Half-Deer doesn’t pull at your heart strings…well…you need to work on that….look how freaking cute he is!  And he has a color change hud!!  He’s gently perched on a sunflower stem…almost lost in the field if not for his color.  He probably thinks we’re related as we bear the same pink and blue-ish tones.  The sexy bra is part of a corset set from Baiastice…gorgeous….and the floral headband is from Ariskea…..it’s a must have as it will make anyone look whimsical and spring-y and sets off the face beautifully ❤

The skin is also available at TLC from Belleza.  Ava is available in pale, medium and sun kissed skin tones. With 8 exclusive makeups, 4 brow options, hair base, cleavage, blush and matte/gloss lips all included…well…you just can’t go wrong ❤

Flora and Fauna

The hair is kinda sorta new from CATWA.  Flora is a soft and romantic upsweep just perfect for spring….and look how good the headband looks with it!  That’s why upsweeps are so awesome…you can wear all the fabulous crowns and headpieces and circlets with them ❤

Lastly…the pose.  Ya know, I always list the pose last…I’m not sure why.  It’s not that it’s the least important piece of a picture…it is, in fact, the most important.  You can put the best style together, with great lighting and high resolution.  You may be a master at photoshop.  But if the pose is crappy or boring….none of that matters….the picture suffers for it.  I’m ridiculously picky about poses and I’ve seen the difference when I take the time to find the right one and when I’m tired and just pick one. I look back afterwards and feel like I’ve done the picture an injustice.   Sometimes the whole picture evolves around the post because it just speaks to you…and some posemakers are masters of the pose art.  LouLou Teichmann of Bauhaus Movement is one such pose master.  Her poses are thoughtful, well executed, and always show emotion.  I’ve been a fan for years and I’m always excited when she has pose packs at TLC….I’m the dork you see at the event on the pose stand going through all of the poses…then going through them again…I can do that for hours….then I buy….you just can’t have enough poses ❤

The Liaison Collaborative

CATWA HAIR Flora hair

Ariskea [Darcy] Blessing of Love flower headband @ TLC
Baiastice_Fling Lingerie-Tartan-Spring-Bra-size XS @ TLC
LB_Sunflowers{Field} @ TLC
+Half-Deer+ Candy Chickadee Bird @ TLC
-Belleza- Eva TLC Med. #2 br. skin @ TLC
Bauhaus Movement  Hylia 5 pose @ TLC

*~*Illusions*~* Sprite Ears


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