The Road to Nowhere

The Road

Mhmmmm….another preview for the 21 Shoe Event.  Honestly, I couldn’t pass up this shoe.  Lots of times, like with jewelry, we miss intricate or amazing details because we are so busy looking at the whole picture.  These shoes from KC Couture are a prime example.  Cute shoes from a distance…incredible when you look close up.  The zipper up the back heel of the shoe, the design underneath….makes you just want to go around telling people to look at the back of you shoes (watch it, they make fetish like assumptions).  The other half of the 2 for 1 package is the same shoe in a denim color.  Check out the ad pic below to see it and also to see which feet they will fit.  You can only get this 2-fer deal on the 21st…tomorrow…at KC’s main store.  If you want to see the rest of the shoes being offered for the event, check out the catalogue….it has all the designers participating, a pic of the shoes and the slurls to the stores.  Don’t let this pass you by!



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