The oasis

The Oasis

So I totally stole this set up from Darth.  I popped in after he was finished shooting and saw all the possibilities…so I moved some chit around, put a different spin on it and had some fun.  You can’t get too serious with an adorable baby elephant and knee sock wearing camels, ya know?!  I fell in love with both at The Wayward Carnival the other day and had to have them.  My hair is from Entwined and will be at Shiny Shabby tomorrow.  I know you can’t see much of it, I’ll be getting a face on close-up later today…the shot was too good to pass up like this…..sometimes it’s just about the joy of the picture ❤

The entire potter’s tent, kiln and accessories are from Artisan Fantasy and can be found at The Secret Affair…it’s a huge collection and well worth the trip over.  Also needing to be addressed…the eagle.  He’s been the spotlight of many a picture lately, usually with someone riding him (it actually looks like he’s carrying them with his claws)…but I didn’t want to look like everybody’s picture.  He is spectacular….truly…excellent workmanship.  And not to worry….no animals (or people) were harmed in the making of this picture…he’s a vegetarian eagle and has his sites set on some olives from the olive tree ❤

[Black Bantam] Roman Soldier Eagle (rideable) @ The Secret Affair
*AF* Stony Hollow Potter’s Tent Ultra Set @ The Secret Affair
LB_PonyPalmv1 @ The Secret Affair
LB_PonyPalmv1.3 @ The Secret Affair
LB_HookThorn{Dark} @ The Wayward Carnival
+Half-Deer+ Cool Socks Camel – Check out cool socks (Floral) @ The Wayward Carnival
[Black Bantam] – Pink Acid My Baby Elephant RARE ❤ @ The Wayward Carnival
[ zerkalo ] Bedouin Tent – Sands
Una – Leaf Julia Crown – RARE @ The Secret Affair
Una – Leaf Pads – RARE @ The Secret Affair
Una -Julia Top @ The Secret Affair
Una -Julia Belt @ The Secret Affair
Pure Poison – Lucretia Sandals – Brown – Maitreya @ The Secret Affair
[Entwined] Abella for Shiny Shabby on the 20th
Del May Giving pose

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