Moon Child

Daughter of the moon

The Gacha Garden opened on the 1st and has proven to be a wildly popular new event.  This is not your ordinary gacha event, it has a fun addicting bonus that rewards you for your play.  Introducing the Seed of Inspiration, a free prize available every time you play a machine at least 20 times!   Of course there are still rares to be won, but the Seed of Inspiration is a sure bet.  Aphorism offers the Selene collection for the event with the beautiful dresses being the rares and the stunning headpiece as the Inspiration prize.  The Gacha Garden runs till August 22 … check out their website here and peruse the prizes to make your list … this event is not to be missed ❤

!APHORISM! Selene Hair & Headpiece Bloggers @ The Garden Gacha
!APHORISM! Selene Necklace – Moonstone @ The Garden Gacha
!APHORISM! Selene Bracelet – Moonstone @ The Garden Gacha
{anc} fish shop daughters / lotus:white[B]1Li
-Belleza– Amelia sunkissed #5 skin
Del May Willow pose

!APHORISM! Selene Collection Key!APHORISM! Selene Headpiece

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