Been enchanted yet?  Don’t miss the opportunity…and don’t forget to do the hunt!


+Spellbound+ Sirena // Grimoire : Complete @ Enchantment
+Spellbound+ Sirena Headpiece @ Enchantment
Fallen Gods Oceanica Ivory skin @ Enchantment
Meva Mermaid Necklace 2 @ Enchantment
:[P]:- Ursulae Mermaid Top [XS]://Wet-Steele @ Enchantment
:[P]:- Ursulae Mermaid Tail[Small-XS]://Wet-Steele @ Enchantment
DRD- andolys Ariel’s cozy spot @ Enchantment
NRage Siren 5 pose @ Enchantment
{anc} bubbles . tight pole 1prim /MC

enchanted logoDRD andolys Ariels cove

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