A place of solitude

A place of Solitude

Look out across the windswept hills, 
With rainbow hues, with misty blues, 
Across the valleys, lakes and rills, 
Where landscapes fuse, where eyes peruse, 
And rest upon that quaint cottage small, 
Tall chimney stack, with smoke of black.
A place of solitude from any squall.
That winding track, that calls you back, 
To rest from ills, 
To sit and muse.
With thoughts to trawl
With a homing tack.

A Place of Solitude – Ernestine Northover 

DaD – Woodstock Cottage w/ stone wall @ The Fantasy Collective (Aug. 22nd….don’t go early!!)
mesh, footage: 24×17, land Impact: 58,  copy/modify

Jian :: Chester the Goat (Static and animated) @ We Love Role-Play
HPMD* Garden Tree04 – brown 1A
Skye Scots  Pine Forest Knoll
Skye Waterfall 4

we love rp new logoNew TFC Logo - Updated 5_5_2015

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