My name is Calypso
And I have lived alone
I live on an island
And I waken to the dawn
A long time ago
I watched him struggle with the sea
I knew that he was drowning
And I brought him into me
Now today
Come morning light
He sails away
After one last night
I let him go.

Calypso – Suzanne Vega


[Entwined] Alexa
.aisling. Calypso @ Enchantment
Mermaid Treasure & Boutique – Regal Staff @ Enchantment (till Sept. 5th)
::Axix:: Tilea Collar {Silver} RARE @ FGC
::Axix:: Tilea Top {Wasted} @ FGC
::Axix:: Tilea Belt {Silver} RARE @ FGC
Zoul Creations – Haley sk2, turquoise eyeshadow and nude 03 @ Illusion Point (just opened)
NRage Warrior Princess 4 pose @ Illusion Point
{anc} fish shop daughters / lotus’
{anc} I’m planet / wrapped melt moon. [rez] 2Li] @ FGC
{anc} ripple. oil [S]1Li

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