The Fall Faery

Fall Faerie

Remember the summer greenhouse from Boudoir (seriously, it was the last post)?  Yep, here it is again.  Well, Fall is almost upon us (thank goodness) and with that comes Boudoir’s Fall Faery outfit and wearable throne….mmhmmm…who doesn’t want a wearable throne, ya know….for when your out and about.  This throne comes with all the surrounding faery and woodland creatures…as well as a goodly supply of pumpkins.  The headpiece that accompanies the faery outfit also sports a pumpkin, as does the skirt.  How better to bring in the season…and the cooler weather!? ❤

The outstanding Altar tattoo (which comes in black, white and pink!) comes from White Widow and is currently at the new round of We Love Role-Play, as is the Aeryn skin from [PXL]….adorable!.  We Love Role-play opened on the 4th and is still pretty crowded….talk in the groups is that this is a stellar round with have to have items ❤

The Cisa hair is the newest from ExXeSs (try typing that 3 times) and is in store now…way too pretty ❤

Boudoir -Wearable Fall Faerie Throne
Boudoir – Fall Faerie outfit w/ Pumpkin Headpiece
Boudoir – Summer greenhouse
[PXL] Aeryn pale makeup #2 skin for We Love Role-Play
[White~Widow] Altar tattoo – black for We Love Role-Play
eXxEsS : CISA A (Materials)  NEW in store ❤

we love rp new logoWhite Widow - AltarEXxEsS Cisa hair


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