The Valkyrie


Ride of the Valkyries – Richard Wagner

Valkyries have often inspired poets as women-warriors. Their name means “Chooser of the Slain” and were often called battle-maidens, shield-maidens, swan-maidens, wish-maidens and mead-maidens. As these names suggest, they had various functions.  Their main duty was to select the slain warriors, who had fallen in battle or other combat, such as quest or killing dragon, etc. and then carrying them off to Odin’s hall, called Valhalla.

Immerse yourself in Norse mythology and all things Viking come Tuesday when The Secret Affair throws open the gates once again for a spectacular Path to Valhalla themed event.  Wonder what that might entail?  Have a look at some inspiration on Manna’s Pinterest board dedicated to this round… you won’t be disappointed.

Until then, peruse the wonders at We Love Role-Play, which opened last week and has some amazing creations within, including my Zoul Creations skin, Altar tattoo from White-Widow and Glam Affair headpiece, all stunning.  Phoenix’s Celine hair can be found at the Body Mod expo, which opened earlier today along with the GEN-Neutral Event, current home of some amazing poses by NRage.  My fabulous wings…truly my favorite among the hundred or so in my inventory….are by Remarkable Oblivion and were a past Arcade rare…you can still play for them in the main store.  Lastly, the mist cloud by anc that was at last months Collabor88 is now in the store.  This cloud/fog/mist is simply amazing and adds the perfect amount of atmosphere anywhere.  I just expanded my land (thank you shoe store guy for moving) and Darth has been terraforming and landscaping like a man possessed.  So far it looks like AlexBader World (kinda like Wally World without the rides) with all the Studio Skye pieces thrown about and hanging in the air waiting to be placed.  The mist will be adding a romantic/ominous/fairy tale look that will be perfect for picture taking ❤

:::Phoenix:::  Celine Hair [Fitted Mesh] for the Body Mod Expo (opened today)
!dM Valkyrie – Lara chainTop **GOLD** for The Secret Affair (opening on the 15th)
!dM Valkyrie – spaulders **GOLD** (right) for The Secret Affair
!dM Valkyrie – chainArmor **GOLD** for The Secret Affair
!dM Valkyrie – Chainmail Top, gloves and pants **Tarnished** (omega applier) for The Secret Affair
Glam Affair – Valkyria Bronze @ We Love Role-Play
Zoul Creations – Brianna skin #1 @ We Love Role-Play
[White~Widow] Altar tattoo – Henna @ We Love Role-Play
RO – Holiday Spirit – Wings – RARE
{anc} mist cloud [sungold] 1prim sculpt
NRage F-GN3.v2 pose @ GEN-Neutral Event (opened today)

TSA LogoWhite Widow - Altarwe love rp new logo

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