The Bayou Cottage

Bayou Cottage

Hot damn you should have felt the groove
Like I was swimming in a sea of soul
The sun was rising and the day was hot
And we was all about to lose control
My daddy turned his face up towards the sky
And I knew that there was nothing to lose
I felt the crowd breathe in and I closed my eyes
And we disappeared into the groove

Said take me home
Said take me home
Take me home
Said take me home

Home– Marc Broussard

DaD DESIGN “The Bayou Cottage with deck” c/m @ The Fantasy Collective
Botanical T2C Mesh Fir w Lights 04
HPMD* Garden Tree04 – brown 2B
(2prims B) HPMD* Big Leaf
***New Trails – Fallen Tree W/ spanish moss
Dread Pyrate – THE PIROGUE v.3 on the MP

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