Lunefelis at The Gacha Garden


It’s that time again…mmmhmmm….time for a new round of The Gacha Garden!  If you remember correctly, The Gacha Garden is a fabulous gacha event with a twist.  The twist is called a “Seed of Inspiration”, a free prize available every time you play a machine at least 20 times!   Of course there are still rares to be won, but the Seed of Inspiration is a sure bet.  For example, The Plastik has the Lunefelis necklace and earrings (chain and choker versions) in their gacha machine…..and look….look at the Seed of Inspiration!  It’s a kitty plushy!  An adorable kitty plushy!  And his little tail just wags and wags, as do the kitties on the necklace.  I will hug him and squeeze him and call him George ❤  The Gacha Garden opens at midnight November 1st….mark it in your calendar and get ready!

Also hitting the awesome list is the new group gift from Spellbound, Asylum.  The hair comes with the hood and both come with a color changing hud for all your combination needs ❤

The beautiful dress from Luas comes with the sleeves and is currently @ The Fantasy Collective ❤

+Spellbound+ Asylum (Halloween Gift) // Grimoire : Complete
:[P]:- Lunefelis Chain Necklaces Silver RARE coming to the Gacha Garden Midnight Nov. 1st!
:[P]:- Lunefelis Kitty Plush (Gatcha Garden Exclusive) -SEED OF INSPIRATION!
:[P]:- The Armore Ring- Gemstone Right Hand
Luas Midnight Gown S Cream @ The Fantasy Collective
[PXL] Aeryn Pale makeup 02 skin
Del May Hippy Bitch pose

Gacha Garden Square Logo for Websites __November 2015The Lunefelis Gatchaspellbound asylum

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