His wings are gray and trailing,
Azrael, Angel of Death.
And yet the souls that Azrael brings
Across the dark and cold,
Look up beneath those folded wings,
And find them lined with gold.

Azrael – Robert Gilbert Welsh

We Love Role-Play opened yesterday….quick….runnnn before it gets too crowded!  Seriously…Remarkable Oblivion is there…look at these freaking wings!  While you’re there, you can’t pass up the newest tats from White Widow; Caravage is delicate and bold at the same time and comes in white, henna and black.  Yume is a beautiful face tattoo that comes in 4 colors, black, pink, silver and gold.  So many goodies….don’t delay ❤

RO – Azrael Bone Wings @ We Love Role-Play
Exile::Looking Back Hair @ We Love Role-Play
.Charm. Nostre – Ancient Gold Headpiece @ We Love Role-Play
.::Dead Dollz::. – Lumen – Pitch MAITREYA @ We Love Role-Play
[White – Widow] Caravage – Black @ We Love Role-Play
[White – Widow] Yume Face tattoo- Gold @ We Love Role-Play
**{PUMEC} – Katie – Hot Summer Skin @ We Love Role-Play
Bauhaus Movement – Lexi

White Widow - CaravageWhite Widow - Yume

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