The Penny Farthing

The Penny Farthing

More awesomeness fro We Love Role-Play! Ravenghost, who never ceases to amaze me with his imagination and sense of wonderment, has made this Penny Farthing bicycle for the event.  It is, of course, totally ridable and entirely too much fun.  I have been working on my riding skills and have challenged Raven to a race (interestingly, he hasn’t been on in the last few days ….hmmmm …coincidence…I think not).  To go along with my kick ass bike, Pure Poison has this awesome steampunk gas mask out at We ❤ RP….I love everything steampunk…and works well with the gauntlets from sYs and the Freya hair from Ayashi.  Staying in the odd post apocalyptic-ish mood is The Plastik.  You can always count on interesting from Aikea and this outfit is no different.  The cool Lucine dress is at the Thrift Shop right now and the bad ass Wander boots are at Collabor88.

So before I go off to the kitty auction (stop laughing) I do have to tell you about the sim I took this picture at.  My friend Cinder and her friend Eden started a blog called Double Barrel Bitch Shot and she found this amazing sim for picture taking.  I saw it in her Trapped in a Fantasy post and had to go check it out.  Natural Falls is a wonderful sim with all kinds of little spots perfect for photography.   I wandered around, chatted with the owner, Dann, and found this great alien/ufo -ish spot and figured it was perfect for my current look.  Be sure to go pop by and wander around ….. after all…SL is all about the adventure!

Ravenghost Penny Farthing Bicycle @ We Love Role-Play
Pure Poison – Steampunk GAS Mask @ We Love Role-Play
[sYs] TRISTELUNE gauntlet (Slink – Maitreya – Belleza)  @ We Love Role-Play
[^.^Ayashi^.^] Freya hair @ We Love Role-Play
:[P]:- Lucine Dress [Small]:// Ribs @ The Thrift Shop
:[P]:- Wander Boot-Right Female:// Traveller @ C88
[White-Widow] Invictus tattoo
Del May Lost Pizazz pose
Taken @ Natural Falls

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